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<*6X UE5T 58 th STREET 

Yeshiva University High Schools 


Samuel Levine, 
Executive Director 

Rabbi Dr. Abraham 

N. Zuroff, 

Sheldon Socol, 

Student Finances 

Dr. Samuel Belkin, President, Yeshiva University 

Yeshiva University High School for Boys of Manhattan 
Rabbi David L. Weinbach, Administrator 

Yeshiva University High School for Boys of Brooklyn 
Rabbi Dr. Abraham N. Zuroff, Principal 

Yeshiva University High School for Girls of Manhattan 

Dr. Isaac Lewin, Principal, Jewish Studies Department 

Martin Lilker, Administrator 

Yeshiva University High School for Girls of Brooklyn 

Dr. Isaac Lewin, Principal, Jewish Studies Department 

Alvin Kamber, Administrator 

!n3"l31 DYW 

jran K'ajn sw^h '3 ,-iQioa o a^a -ido3 
nn'aaiy ."n 1 ?™,, nnx ni^s rwn dwi djiw Vx dj/d 
k: n:n„ :rftya Vn mas nsrn ntpsn paxnn 
"Tan iriy nmy sin wm? ny 1 ™ i^x '2 'nyr 

.(u"'n /i pns) 

man nwNn„w ,r mm mow) nta o'ibi 1 ? V'tni 
n'BJiwn nwxn .nsoja ,'a ."trxn ia -inv im-nxa 
Tarn? mo iiy inampai !ra:n jw"?Ka rrvan 

.ntya la 
niran raip: D'a'ja -isosw .a 1 ? d^ 'iki 

?in»W xa ni na ."n'jTa, mantpn 
."naiwn nwx„ nirn s-nw .ansaa D^isan 
/Tson nVrn, :"ms sin owsn ,mnnn 'sV Vas 
.son nxT nrrn mawm? "isfta 
nxn ':« inso-n'a ns many inxw latai 
"n"?nj nws,, 'io'3n "piv ouim ns p 1 ? -non 1 ? 
.D"na pant? nrxa 
12-120-^33 in"n» n'wn -|tt>a3B> .njn 1 ? p'Vy 
nn3T i^jaw maion nnan ns p 1 ? iroai 
."nVm hips, snpn 1 ? iraji^n 
■us^a iisn 'n 1 :«'n p 1 ?^ nvon in 1 ? 'nana 
nwnpa n"na Tan pa nra "raw .D'aitai? irax 
.^kiw mini "?s-w '8'aj 
nu>*0 in"njw .Tawn Vya ,p'ty -las" w 


V\*3 \lTTSi"* 1"! 

Dear Graduates: 

You are about to complete a very important phase of your educa- 
tional program and take your place among the thousands of your 
contemporaries who are competing for space in the many col- 
leges of our land. In addition to the all important choice of 
school, program and career, each one of you is faced with the 
need to identify with some part of the social movement which has 
developed during the past few years. 

Social equality, students' rights, and peace, are all ideas which at- 
tract modern youth, and join the struggle for Zionism and against 
Anti-Semitism as the key interests of our young Jews. As Yeshiva 
Graduates, you must be extremely careful to identify yourself 
only with those causes which favorably answer some probing 
questions: Is the cause consistent with your position as a practic- 
ing Orthodox Jew; does it protect your rights, and does it recog- 
nize your heritage and beliefs? Are the leaders of the cause sin- 
cere or are they exploiting you to further their own ideas which 
may prove detrimental to your interests at some future time. 

We have survived centuries of oppression by being loyal to every 
government which sheltered us, and, by'practicing eternal vigi- 
lance to see that our basic interests as Jews were never touched. 

I am sure, therefore, that, like your forerunners, you will be wise 
enough to exercise care in the face of impetuosity, and discern- 
ment in your enthusiasm. May you be successful and happy in all 
your future undertakings. 


MaiuA^ LiJLo 

Martin Lilker 

rwn nDo m rwnph uk nx-iym ma wn Tna 
ran Vinvn iwk /|»Vi9 n"n am ,p»mn ima^ nrn 
.D*»ff iikti rmn nanx mV7 Tinrft 
Vn 1 ? laVis an"? lwnittm nx nw.?ia ias it ntnpna 
»m maoaa Turin naittf' moan uvnttft mtr »*n nxVa 
.n^o-ia^ix-na^ v/ y rrirmn nson 

"2"U3T\ TYWD1 I\VQ"Trar\ 


"The teacher who is indeed wise . . leads you to 
the threshhold of your own mind." 

Kahlil Gibran 
Teacher, A devoted teacher of Yeshiva students, 
Rabbi Perlman has transmitted his vast knowledge 
and great love of both Torah and Ivrit to us, his pu- 
pils. He is not content with covering his subject su- 
perficially. Instead, he utilizes his time with us to dig 
deeply into and bring out the essence of every topic. 
His modern approach to the Hebrew language, 
through his introduction of Israeli newspapers and 
new vocabulary, has made the language alive and 
vibrant to his classes. Understanding the great pres- 
sure placed upon us, Rabbi Perlman has tried to 
make his classroom both relaxing and enjoyable 
through his many anecdotes and illustrations. We 
find ourselves truly enjoying learning in the atmo- 
sphere he creates. 

Librarian, Devoted to the world of books, Rabbi 
Perlman has built up the libraries of both Brooklyn 
and Manhattan Central. He selects books for the li- 
brary which he believes will aid us in our studies and 
which we will find relevant to our problems. In 
choosing Hebrew books he strives to find those 
which are both modern and stimulating in order to 
arouse our interest in Hebrew literature. Yet, no 
matter how busy he is, he always finds time to help 
each of us by searching for sources and tools of re- 
search to make our work easier. 

About Us, Rabbi Perlman feels that though we 
have the knowledge of Hebrew studies, we do not 
know how to apply this knowledge to our everyday 
lives. He would like to see us acquire the art of Jew- 
ish thinking and become truly religious-thinking 
Jews. We feel that in the years we have known him, 
Rabbi Perlman has brought us closer to the realiza- 
tion of this goal. Guided by his teachings, we hope 
to someday fulfill his vision of an ideal Jew. 

"And he taught them how they should fear God." 

2 Kings 17.28 

Every man is a piece of 
the continent 




I /\ part of the ma 

Therefore never send to know 
for whom the bell tolls; 
it tolls for thee. 

John Donne 



Ca-cJo forzhejoyorVOTJ(/3J&.. 


Mrs. Finnigan 

Rabbi Minchenberg 

Rabbi Neiss 

Miss Schatenstein 

Mrs. Schorr 

Mrs. Schwartz 

Miss Sussman 

Miss Adlerblum 

Miss Krumbein 

Mrs. Levinson 

Miss Miller 

Mrs. Norman 

Mr. Rathman 

Not shown: 
Mrs. Posner 

Mr. Stahl 



Mr. Steif 

Rabbi Solnica 

Mr. Schwartzbard 

Rabbi Perlman 

Miss Frankel 

Mrs. Labowitz 

Dr. Jofen 

Mrs. Edelsberg 

Mrs. Faskowitz 

Miss Offenbacher 

Rabbi Eliezri 


bad m Ms separate star. 



?rrj[? nn mun rmn ?rnun rm rnr? mm 

Our own memory bank, Anita struck us out with her impressive "Bowling" 
always knows whose turn it is in Chumash . . . first in Navi, first in Ivrit, we're 
lucky that Hatalmidah Ackerman, Chana Hayekarah always knows the answers 
really "fell" for long hair has a talent for "oversleeping" — manages to 
come in time for second period can "Jumble" through the paper and 

complete all her homework on the train before getting home — allowing natu- 
rally for STAHLS and stops constantly re-explaining Dikduk — we think 
she's terrific. 

Hebrew High School Bowl; Scenery and props, "My Fair Lady"; Chanukah 
Chagiga; Tutor; Ping Pong Team; Big Sister; Arista. 



tdd rrwim nrruj 

Forest Hills' loss was Central's gain Rabbi Solnica finally solved the "Adler" 
mixup and she became his "kaili kaili" one of the members of the crochet- 
ing club Gym and lunch are Carol's favorite periods or should we say 
lunch, then gym What was there about her skirts that caught the attention 

of the boss? "But I was really sick the past five Mondays!" . has the long- 
est nails in school — a phenomenon for the typical Central girl . . . why does 
Carol jump at the mention of the word "computer"? one of our few volley- 
ball lovers and an enthusiast of Israeli dance Capable Active Responsible 
Organized and Loyal no matter how you look at it, Carol spells a sincere 
and wonderful friend. 

Class Debater; Scenery and Props, School Productions; Drama Club; Dance 

ntf? me> 



nnrjiLi nrm n?n miuj nmujn yr 

One of the most colorful people in Central (watch out for that scarf!) . Susie 
is (you guessed it) one of our very talented artists she has become the best 
vestmaker within the confines of YUHSGM . This brave soul is one of those 
who makes the great trek twice daily from that hick town where the reindeer 
run wild She's everyone's friend, and sweet as sugar (oops! that's a no — 

no!) Next time you check the N.Y. Stock Exchange transactions, look out 

for Adler & Adler Inc. ... are you in for a surprise ! 

Class Treasurer; Drama Club; Props, School Productions; Publicity Commit- 
tee; Chagim Poster Committee; Typist, Elchanet and Drama Club; Booster; Big 


n^a x , U" n nntu n 1 ? 


Ayaf Trepla instituted a new method of speech Always sitting right next to 
the teacher, Faya is the official Admit-Passer-Upper for the class Why does 
the Alphabet have to begin with "A"? Faya's happy dimples liven up many 

a dull period What does Igle Pooh mean anyway ? Faya's favorite for- 
eign phrase; "Ich hub lib Yiddish" Dr. Pascal's water girl have cup will 
travel . One of the few who can walk to school Giggling is unbecoming 
to a young lady certainly not to Faya! 

Class Vice President; Choir; Librarian; Usherette; Big Sister. 


mi? 1 ni~n rmrm o^iniTn 


"Take a walk till you sober up" Becca? gets sMARTlY driven around 

town is that "little" present really for her? sends neatly folded express 

notes sailing through the air aimed at MARS with mathematical precision — 
most of the time Roams around the math room — her "sphere" of influ- 
ence . "reflects" her best with "maxi"mum style . . anyone want forging 
lessons? . her artistic letters are really above us Becky solved the prob- 
lem of REexplaining Becca a dear and faithful friend, Becca's light humor 
and sweet disposition make her the "apple" of our eyes. 

Art Staff, Elchanet; Biographer; Scenery, School Productions; Publicity Com- 
mittee; Tutor; Big Sister; Arista. 



nmn vi ttih id DTiinn n mujioD 

"A kipa a day keeps the boys coming her way" Sandy's brand is "One-a- 

Day" Bendah was the first to create the self-made megaphone Thank 

goodness for laryngitis . . Down here again? Sam, I thought you already 

had lunch!? An ardent advocate of "quantity not quality", Sandy believes 

that Delicious Wafers are cheaper by the dozen an honorary member of 

Mrs. Edelsburg's Shurah Ha'acharonah Club Sandy adds her own Tnua 

Touch to anything she does We all wish her lots and lots of luck on her 

forthcoming Aliyah! 

Drama Club; Israeli Dance Croup; Choir; Scenery, School Production; Big 


rut -ipztfi m p 1 znin 


Known as Ricky to her fans and Riqueza to her fellow Spanish enthusiasts . . 
this strawberry blonde was Dr. Pascal's "little girl" for two years headed the 
lunchroom guitarists in renditions of "Rock my Soul" and paraphrased ver- 
sions of "Our Memories Dim" One of the fortunate tri-talented few: mu- 
sic, art, and literature ... is not known to have made an enemy in four years 

. then why, O Ricky, was your room bombed two o'clock one morning? 
Holds the records for expulsions from Central her Boston escapades made 

the morning office news a member of the hip elite in Central she helped 

pioneer gold-rimmed specs We hope you find your Summerhill some- 

where out there, "over the rainbow". 

Assistant Art Editor, Elchanet; "Brigadoon"; "Oliver"; "Anne Frank"; "My Fair 
Lady"; Director, Freshman Play; Drama Club; Class Debating Manager; Junior 
Debater; English Oratorical Contest; Chanuka Chagiga; Publicity Committee; 
Dance Festival; Band; Volleyball Team. 



How do you fit Rochelle Besserglick on a College Board application? Ap- 

pointed "attendance girl of the year" Rochelle sends out cheery notes to 
absentees became an aide to cutting students Roch can always be 

found with "someone" during tenth period one interesting characteristic 

about Rochelle is the presence of a class ring on each hand flowery note- 
taker for our class ardent saver of Wrigley's gum wrappers put her 
mouth to good use as runner-up in the Oratorical Contest always Flumin' 
and Plumin' with Rabbi S her favorite motto — Miller Makes it Right all 
right ! always ready to brighten up our day, our Rochelle is the world's Bes- 
ser Click! 

Class President; English Oratorical Contest; Props, School Productions; Office 
Worker; Drama Club; Chanuka Chagiga; Publicity Committee; Choir; Typist, 
Elchanet; Arista. 

rrrnn nam 


rmDTn iin^i cunT 1 ? 'n 1 ? tin Tiru 

A most promising writer our literary quiz-kid you may have seen the 

movie but she's read the book always the last one in and the first one out 
a member of Rabbi Gold's infamous Berger-Bomstein team scheduled 
many a back of the room party featuring lettuce and possibly cucumbers . . a 
a philosophical questioner beneath that innocent smile lies a quick answer 
. . known to voice her dissent whenever she disagrees against teacher or 
fellow student gained freshman fame by walking across the classroom 

barefoot an infrequent visitor to our historiah class Betty nevertheless re- 

mains Mr. Steif's favorite soda purchaser nearly lost her to Brooklyn Cen- 

tral but "she came back — and we're glad she did !" 

Class Debater; Drama Club; Freshman Play; Courier; Biographer; High School 
Bowl; Tutor; Choir; Arista. 


DIN ^DT] T13T?n — DDT7 luTN 

Mistress of the many names Igor, 'Netsky, Pretzel, Netzel, Alexe Hente, 

and Boren to Mr. Steif contributed "outa site and peeja" as permanent 

additions to our spoken language Recipient of the medal for bravery above 
and beyond the call of duty in the manufacturing and launching of paper 
planes in Mrs. Edelsburg's class ardent social reformer and worker for 

peace has kept us in attentive silence during the Borenstein — teacher 

clashes over attacked principles, be it anything from Bach and Beatles to Ten- 
uat Hamussar Utopia bound — ' Nette will either find it or make one. 

Class Vice-President; Art Consultant, Elchanet; Props, School Productions; 
Alternate Debater; Publicity Committee; Booster; Choir; Big Sister. 


miuj? "?u tutt nun 


Always first to finish art projects . . was it really a paper mache man she made? 

Did you say Marion? Well, she looked cute as a man anyway . Have 
no fear, the repairman will be here — to fix her typewriter One of our fu- 
ture ambassadors to Russia Whatever happened to the elementary algebra 
notebook? "Don't you want to talk to me, Marion?" Does she really 

prepare for Rabbi Eliezri? Living in the Bronx sure does have its problems 

especially since Dr. Pascal is intolerant of accents But our Marion's sin- 
cerity is sure to lead her far. 

Choir; Props, School Productions; Dance Group; Big Sister. 



DT?un inn nn tit ti \w mitt w ti 

East side, west side, she lived all around the town her neighbors think she's 
one of their own . looks are deceiving, she's realy a sabra at heart she 
was truly our first class bride — with Mr. Klein as best man in music and art 
she's known as the "creator" in history reknowned as class debater in 

Bio. she always turned green our man of the year thinks she is the pearl of 
the girls with absolutely no curls but loaded with swirls and twirls a gym 
major who always had time to "study" her minors . are you cognizant of 
Samuel Beth: II? — she is! . hail to our vivacious late bloomer. 

Booster; Junior Debating Team. 


mOT O30 


DTPOJ n n niTDJ 'PDI DD1J "-Dm mil 

Rosy-cheeked Alice . . . One of Rabbi S.'s front row audience our official 

class notetaker Mr. Schwartzbard's "good girl" are you an angel?!! 
one of those responsible for "disturbing the airwaves" — definitely not a be- 
liever in "Silence is Golden" She gave Mrs. S. a headache — or was it vice- 
versa?! who else could possibly get poison ivy in a classroom? . Alice's 
"wit" was generally appreciated by all except Dr. Pascal a member of our 
sewing class who is really going places . . . Alice Cohn . . What a usual name 
for such an unusual girl! 

Choir; School Production Committees; Big Sister Play; Drama Club; Publicity 
Committee; Big Sister. 



nnnn fin iiDrjn 

miDT] mm 

Cindy's irrepressible smile, her contagious laugh, has led many a class into 
hysterical outbursts with her cheerful but wistful "Yoy, I wish I was in 

Chicago!", Cindy expresses the sentiments of many seniors dancing her 

way through four years of school with a too often "occasional rest" at home 
it's important to know your combination number when you share a locker 
with Cindy a "fresser" who never grows "out" — what's your secret? . . 
her only run-ins with Mr. L. stem from her attraction of the opposite sex — 
"Cindy, stop enticing them!" Cindy's highest aspirations should be those 
of all of us L'shana Habaah B'Yerushalayim. 

Class Treasurer; Dance Festival; Israeli Dance Group; Choir; Big Sister. 


fin rw nrmuji nnnu 


Eileen proves that it is possible to read the New York Times daily the mod- 
ern innovator of the ancient sport of Blitz-ball Who's standing on the table 
holding a garbage can? a lover of biology . . even cleans the lab during 
her free period bears the brunt of many of Rabbi Perlman's pearls of pun- 

nery the only one not "eisy" cold the day the steam was turned off Mrs. 
Norman's favorite dressmaker . Who really does her work? nominated 

the girl with the brightest green eyes . . Neelie, you're the apple of my Ei! 

Tutor; Usherette. 

<7)0.r> died 


iran qion n DJNi mim n nv ' 

Eskolasky???! Her name may be hard to say, but Rebecca is as easy-going 

and friendly as a girl can be Dark hair and blue eyes make Rebecca one of 
our prettiest seniors and a most interesting Charlie Brown Winner of 

the 1969 "Yakaty-Yak" award a yogurt gourmet, Rebecca likes health foods 
. . and Mr. T. likes Rebecca could it be those cute curls Rebecca wore last 
year? a free trip to Israel is easy when your great uncle is President Shazar 
one thing for sure — a typist Rebecca will never be Her love for Chu- 

mash certainly doesn't keep Rebecca from getting a fifty-minute beauty sleep 
every day . Morasha just wouldn't be the same without her Mr. Steif's 

"Es" is quite a girl. 

Class President; Treasurer; Senior Play; Chanuka Chagiga; Israeli Dance 
Group; Biographer; Choir. 


mu iTJtun did mu 

crw ra?D 

How did a sophisticated lady get into Central? Marsha's soft-spoken man- 

ner is appreciated by all the girls but the teachers!! . . as Dr. Pascal was 

wont to say: "Speak up, child" . but Marsha's delicate frame is quite decep- 
tive manages to carry our newspapers each morning voted "Good Girl" 
of the Senior Class . . Why does she come late every morning? . her train 
crashed? a likely story! Marsha's gentle manner is certainly her most 

prized possession. 

Class Treasurer; Choir; Big Sister. 



The first in the class to be kept out of school with acute senioritis Rashi 

(with an "e" please) did her thing in the "keep-the-absentee-list-full" effort 
our annual representative to Seminar (no, not B'nei Akivah) Rashie's 

grey kick has nothing to do with her bubbling, crazy personality When a 

"mood" strikes, we are notified by her unusual laugh reverberating through- 
out Central's hallowed halls climbing on chairs, and behind couches . 
She and her ever-faithful, sneaky, non-flashable camera are the terror of the 
school . . . (and revealed in Mrs. Posner serious photo-phobic tendencies ) 
"No, that's not my sister's old graduation picture" . . . This "little fish" is our 
really great catch! 

Photography Editor, Elchanet; Dancing, "Brigadoon"; Senior Play; Dance Fes- 
tival; Library; Typist, Hamagid; Big Sister. 


trw nwro> 

i3ii] T.i)i oviDn qiun T?in niu dqj 

Quiet and even-tempered her diligence promoted her from gimel to aleph 

known for her cold feet in Historiah . . nothing to do with the subject 

matter of course one of Rabbi Eliezri's favorites in his promotion of the 

good neighbor policy . . Mrs. Edelsberg's prized possession . one of the 

few who really gets on well with Mr. L . always willing to lend a helping hand 

in Miss Weissman's absence at the Chagiga she "acquired" a sudden ability 

her hidden talent came to light a really great kid all around. 

Class President, Vice President, Treasurer; Publicity Committee; Dance Croup; 
Choir; Band; Big Sister; Arista. 

m\D DT> 


-n Tujpzm 13 ii irmuri iwut 

Room 222, please Hey, Jude-Jay Como se llama, anyway? talk about 
extended vacations — she now greets everyone with a friendly handshake . . . 
ready advice always in the OFFIng driven to stay late on Thursday nights 

. . . what's summer like in the winter? . listening to Simon and Carfunkel in 
stereo — or was it "mono"? someone really special what is it about the 
subways that knocks this daily (?) traveller out? dark hair, long eyelashes, 

and a captivating personality Judy's dimples speak for themselves! 

Choir; Scenery, School Productions; Sophomore Play; Tzedakah Committee; 
Big Sister. 

ntf? ooidd 


?tnur yin *?ir\ nnirti id '3 ID qsi 

Emily's rosy cheeks win the award for "most likely to be pinched" our 

blonde, blue-eyed, cutie-pie . it's hard to believe she could ever have 
looked like Dr. Dussel invented more diets than there are calories the 

latest being cauliflower mashed potatoes a carrot nut who will always be 

caught yellow handed . security regulations make it necessary to withhold 
the names of those individuals who participated in project TISNOLET but a 
certain E.F. has been seen in the vicinity of Morasha the only thing that 

woke Emmy up during Rabbi P.'s class was the mention of the Baal Shem Tov 
. . . but we're really glad we coaxed her into directing our school productions 
they couldn't have been better finally made it to Aretz liked it? . . . 
"You Bet!" 

Class President; Director, "My Fair Lady", "Guys and Dolls", "Bonche 
Schweig", Competitive Assembly Play; Dance Festival; Dance Croup; Choir; 
Tutor; Chanuka Chagiga; Maccabiah; Big Sister; Arista. 




From the first Delaney card Paula was destined to have her name continuously 
mispronounced . . . Seems to have a "thing" with Chumash teachers — first 
Rabbi Shkopp, then Pioneering with Mrs. Mintz . . . What's this? A Central girl 
taking a "dip" with Paulie?! . . . For a while seemed to be forever collecting 
money By the way, is it Paula, Pah-oo-lah, or Pess? ... A great lover of mu- 
sic, from Mozart to the Mammas and the Papas quite a virtuoso herself . . . 
Ice cream for desert — after yogurt of course One of Mrs. Finnegan's "Fa- 
vorites", Paula will always be our favorite too ! 

Class President, Treasurer; Committees, School Productions; Chairman, Big 
Sisters; Biographer; Librarian; Band; Booster; Big Sister; Arista. 


rtrrv mm 

td IDT™ lnra ?mim mm ddn tin mu 

As freshmen we might have asked Caryl why she was carrying smelling salts 
with her Now, we've just stopped asking questions and accept her foibles 

. . . "Doesn't he have the most beautiful blue eyes?" "Who wants to hear a 
good joke?" "Did you get up to page 391 yet?" "I'm going to the Dr. for 
growth pills." Jorj sometimes expresses herself oddly with her own 

vocabulary ("flitch", "scrunchy", "The Pooh"), she amazes us all whether 
thinking about the "Doors", her bird, or Hach, our "Fruitcake" still finds time 
to lend a helping hand. 

Chanukah Chagiga; Scenery, School Production; Typist; Lag B'omer Commit- 
tee; Big Sister. 


W73 ■?!) inn rjJlQJTDD TP?N "pU WW 


Engaged? . . . our blue-eyed kallah radiates pure joy . . . made us realize that 
there's still hope . . . "It's a new girl," no, "it's an apparition," no silly — it's 
Miriam. "How nice of you to drop in" . . . Rabbi Solnica's favorite absentee . . . 
Dr. Jofen's favorite competition . . . Another member of Mrs. Edelsberg's infa- 
mous "Shura Haacharonah" . . . Miriam always has a comment to make . . . 
Miriam, that Patch of Blue above your eyes has got to go! Soap and water . . . 
Miriam has brought good old-fashioned "nachas" to us all and we wish her 
pLENNY of happiness always. 

Class Vice President; Choir. 



If by chance you happen to hear a cheery "good morning" echoing down 
Central's halls, it can only be out "beloved" Annie (get it? — Geliebter) 
Fabulous "Freddy" is never too busy debating, acting, or being the lead singer 
in the Rubber Band, to lend a friend a helping hand . even if you want to 
"buy any milk today," Annie will oblige One of Mr. Klein's favorite French 
students of "the back row" Rabbi Solnica's psychological questioner . . . 

Really socked it to us with her miniature bowling demonstration . . Under 
Mr. L.'s favorite granny glasses her big expressive eyes are hidden but 

Annie's sincere look isn't hard to detect . bound to go far with her personal- 
ity she's "leavin' on a jet plane". 

Class Debater; "My Fair Lady"; Chorus, School Productions; Drama Club; 
Choir; Band; Israeli Dancing. 



mam di^uj turn niu nojiji inn no 

An avid science lover in our freshman year — one of Mr. Schiff's greatest ad- 
mirers proved the diffraction of light with her rainbow watch gum sup- 
plier of the class . . friends have found it quite difficult to decipher her short- 
hand letters from one of the lowly assistant librarians Hannah rose to be- 
come Rabbi Perlman's personal porter an important aid to altos in the 
choir what would Miss Weissman have done without Hannah's melodious 
voice? her staggering weight loss inspired many a plump pupil her fa- 
vorite slogan: "Follow Me to Weight Watchers (or else)!" . . . Alias "Sue the 
Hen that goes Celly, Gelly, Gelly", Hannah will never be forgotten. 

Choir; Committees and Chorus, School Productions; Dancing; Librarian; Pub- 
licity Committee; Big Sister. 


yrojn 'puhd ddii Vn 


Teachers call her Girdle but we know her as "I" invented the word "gross" 

one of the Spanish senoritas who had a stint as Dr. Pascal's water girl . 
always misused the word "wait" . . . only senior who stuck it out on Central's 
"successful" basketball team supplied oranges to her fellow G's in the 

mishna class and brought down Rabbi P.'s wrath upon us all (who by the way, 
still hasn't found the guilty ones) . P.S. — it was Gertel, Ginsberg, and Glix 
first make-up expert in the class who also helped decorate Central's desks 
a member of Mrs. Edelsburg's zero corner another early bird who can 
chalk up more latenesses than on-times feeds her soul with "hominy 'n 
grits" veteran dater of the senior class her advice will never be forgot- 
ten or taken (we're just kidding Irene). 

Class Debating Manager; Dancing, "Brigadoon"; Dance Festival; Band; Bas- 
ketball Team; Volleyball Team. 


DIN 1 ? DlNfl D.? ID D^D 1 ? D^EJfl DTD 


One of Mrs. Levinson's most "marvelous" people, Renee seems to have been 
born with a paintbrush between her fingers always manages to get things 

done with time to spare to go to Central Park Renee's fan club efforts 

have been switched from Herman's Hermits to Mrs. Mintz (lehavdil) Our 

donor of multi-colored tissues Rene'e is one of those girls who can eat and 
eat and it never shows Repeatedly heard asking "Oh why, oh why did I 

ever take Chemistry? Math?" It's all right — with Renee the accent is always 
on E for excellence! 

Art Editor, Elchanet; Scenery Manager, "My Fair Lady", "Guys and Do//s"; 
Props Manager, "Anne Frank"; Director, Drama Club; Freshman Play; Librari- 
an; Courier; Maccabiah; Publicity Committee; Big Sister; Arista. 


d i '?j rn "pip ^nu 


Shari joined the M.D.S. crowd when she moved from Monsey three years ago 
. . . She's been commuting ever since — from Manhattan all the way to Yerush- 
alayim ... But we just can't imagine the West Side without her! . . . Central's 
answer to Judy Collins . . . When she isn't dancing, Shari and guitar are always 
on hand to get some Ruach going (though a certain teacher had something 
else for her to do) . . . the invisible force behind the Zamir Chorale . . . Shari 
has the straightest curly hair, and most gigantic tuna cans . . . taught her own 
general science course as Lucy We're still convinced that snow comes 

down Shar, snow comes down . . . Gained a brother and a trip to Israel at the 
same time . . . Shari will always be a source of Shira to all she meets! 

Class Vice-President; School Productions; Band Leader; Booster; Dance 
Group; Big Sister. 



vv TiriD mnm ,vji] TTiun ,rN ijdu 

An avid promoter of Agnes Gooch, famous for her way out scribblings, Chanie 
has re-decorated Central's walls considerably better known to us who love 
her as Glixie honored by Dr. Pascal's "Lame Duck Award" for her under- 

ground Spanish poetry intends to change the world "Cultivo una rosa 

blanca" played second base in Mr. Shiff's chalk route prompted by 

Berger and Sporn she became the official ceiling watcher of Cit. Ed a de- 
bating phenomenon a regular math "whiz" who nevah, nevah, nevah 
chews gum in any class. 

Photography Editor, Elchanet; Committees, School Production; Class Plays; Big 
Sister Play; Maccabia Play; School Debater; Class Debating Manager; Fashion 
Show Model; Librarian; Tutor. 



nrrjg vn nn mm ?d 

OK? Dili) 

One of Mrs. Levinson's star pupils, there is no paint as blue as Sara's eyes (a 
contact lens?) Supplier of recipes to Rabbi Perlman, and her own fashion 

model . . Sara was the first to wear a patchwork vest — her own creation of 
course . and is already making baby clothes! . . The only senior to get a free 
period instead of gym (because of a trick knee?) her sunny smile and 

cheerful disposition brightening up many a day, Sara is a true friend and will 
succeed in all she sets out to do. 

Class Debater; Costumes, School Productions; Librarian; Publicity Committee; 
Typist, Elchanet and Courier; Big Sister. 






n d]H~i D i- mi i_ nnD nm \m 'n final 

Lynne's a bubbling combination of wit and brains ideas as bright as her 

spirit one of our more adept (??!?) class treasurers what is an astronomy 
lover doing in fourth year French? not much, really this virtuoso of just 
a few months is always rushing home for her piano lessons . . can you spare 
some cottage cheese for this perpetual dieter? — especially at those "hungry" 
hours towards 3 AM! After four years at Central Lynne's motto: "Don't call 
me (Please don't call me), I'll call you" Mrs. Edelsburg's Leyeleh . 

Lynne's dream is to dance gracefully all the way to Israel Do dreams 

come true? This one will when Bar Han welcomes a great new student next 

Class Treasurer; Choir; Drama Club; Publicity Committee. 



liNsnn dtiti nra n D min \m ?u jnm Tr?tu 

"You're looking pretty good for a first termer" Anna started off her Central 
career with a bang as Rabbi Perlman's "favorite librarian" "Le beb£" of the 
class . has proven to us that age really doesn't matter we tried to con- 
vince her that only r-r-r-ruffles have r-r-r-ridges . Did you really have short 
hair once? Anna's pixie in freshman year grew, and grew, and grew . . . 

long enough to get lost in and "bitt-in" One of the few who makes that 
harrowing trip from N.J. daily With her amazing appetite for Math, any 

problem is no problem for Anna A constant worrier: "What am I gonna 

doV . Anna really has nothing to worry about. 

Class Vice President; Assistant Hebrew Editor, Elchanet; Chorus, "My Pair 
Lady"; Props and Scenery, School Productions; Choir; Librarian; Band; Tutor; 




^ ~itid rrn -n ^jm 'n utduj 

Our Linda, officially Rosa, unofficially Linney Poo Jak and Linda Low in case 
of famine, break into locker thirty six stocked with all LEGAL Weight 

Watcher's food school paper distributor blame Linda for all the mis- 

takes . . watch out for her when she's under the influence of Ginger Ale 
only girl known to have talked back to Rabbi E. in HUNGARIAN! knows 

the components of every medicine in existence . . Linda is always very in- 
formative . . . "Your coffee's smoking, Mrs. Posner." a sunglasses lover 
even in the midst of a snowstorm the janitor doesn't need an alarm clock 
with Linda around . Linda's enthusiasm and liveliness have inspired us all. 

Choir; Scenery Committees, School Production; Librarian; Publicity Commit- 
tee; Tutor; Dance Group; N.Y. Times Distributor; Big Sister; Arista. 


nN~m rm n i }dlu rnio 


Frances? Phyllis? . "Can't anybody get my name straight?" it may 

take a while but getting to know her doesn't, as many a teacher has found 
out her ever-questioning mind: "But why?", "How do you know?" 

nearly caused her to lose her head ... or should we say her hand any sci- 
ence teacher's delight "But how does the aspirin know where to go?" 
"How is it possible for the floor to push back?" tried to prove a certain 

teacher wrong in geometry and did! . . chief contributor to Mr. Stahl's 

Tzedakah Drive due to his extra-sensory gum perception finally got official 
permission to chew . earned Mr. Lilker's special Chumash award . even 
got her five-foot objet d'art displayed on T.V. . whether impersonating a 
coyote or subbing for a teacher — Florence is definitely O.K. 

Class Debating Manager; Chorus and Committees, School Productions; Eng- 
lish Oratorical Contest; Drama Club; Publicity Committee; Choir; Tutor; 



^nnn N n n ti tint mR "nvu ?nm inn ipiu 

Known to her friends as Rozy . her last name is a cause of consternation to 
many a teacher . don't let her quiet manner fool you this girl is a con- 

stant source of subtle wit on every subject . one of our own fashion experts 
. . . whose fur maxi coat was seen hanging from locker fourteen? . . hailing 
from Manhattan Day School Rozy claims the distinction of being the first in 
the class of 70 to be suspended who would believe that the very same girl 
is now one of Mrs. Finnegan's Latin scholars? long on hair and on personal- 
ity too, Rozy will always prove to be a good friend . 

Choir; Dance Group. 



n^n "?n tojdj mm m d^nsiti dhxt 

One of our "lovers of school" why is she always in class? A patronizer 
of the Pioneer no wonder she always has a gorgeous tan after vacation . . . 
one of the first to join the "maxi" club Mrs. Norman's favorite Home Ec. 

student . . . Mr. L. insisted that she learn how to darn socks . . . "What will your 
husband do?" . . her dream is to go to Aretz . . why didn't she go this year? 
. Attests to the fact that Mr. L. once said: "What goes up must come down" 
. "Klein" may be little, but add Marcia to it and you've got a giant package 
full of fun. 

Choir; Publicity Committee; Dance Group; Scenery, School Production. 



"Esther, stop twirling your hairW" . . our red-headed genius (only her hair- 
dresser knows for sure) is always failing with 100's enter any science or 
math course and you're sure to find Esther youngest Chemistry teacher 

Central ever had our budding artist's promising career was ended with an 
invitation to see the administration after class being founder of Monsey's 

Bnei Akiva snif has brought fringe benefits . . . like welcome additions to Mr. 
Heisler's car pool on Fridays our gingy "talmidah nechmadah" is the per- 

fect match for a certain teacher's nineteen-year-old son this girl's definite- 
ly tops! 

Class President; Assistant Editor-in-chief, Elchanet; Costume Manager, "Guys 
and Dolls"; Chorus, "My Fair Lady"; Props Committees, School Productions; 
Director, Freshman Play; Arista Play; Drama Club; Class Debater; High School 
Bowl; Tutor; Librarian; Publicity Committee; Choir; Big Sister; Arista. 



dti?d UTT onn nmojji t"?n 'n utidfi 

Pamela (with the "neginah" on the second syllable) will always greet you with a 
smile honored to have Rabbi Eliezri as private dikduk tutor Mr. 

Schwartzbard's "star" pupil only a student as bright as Pam can master 

Spanish in three days and proceed directly to French led Central's first pro- 
test march under her guidance, Fagin's band of pickpockets was trans- 
formed into a group of graceful dancers artistically talented, she may 
someday prove a threat to Charles M. Schulz Big on B'nai Akiva . she had 
a merv elous time in Mosh last summer a true friend her sparkling eyes 
and captivating smile will forever charm all she meets. 

Secretary, CO.; Class President, Treasurer; Art Co-editor, Elchanet; Producer, 
"Guys and Dolls"; Choreographer, "My Fair Lady"; Dancing and Scenery, 
School Productions; Drama Club; Captain, Maccabiah; Dance Group; Publici- 
ty Committee; Librarian; Arista. 



D'-iirr'? tin nnnun nnuo 


Mrs. Streifer's lefty problem "But Mrs. Streifer, I was BORN a lefty!" 

Rabbi Solnica's favorite mover-upper an ardent gum cracker Myra 

firmly believes that necessity is the mother of invention — especially when it's 
necessary to invent a Din V" cheshbone Olyra who? One of Mrs. Nor- 
man's favorites (?) switches diets every other day "But Goobers are 
good!" . . . Despite "horsehair" Myra rose to be Dr. Pascal's favorite water girl 
. . . Myra's "Yoo hoo!", "Hey you!", and "What time is it?", echo in all her 
classes ... An active Bnei-Akivanik . . "Samantha" doesn't need magic to 
dance as gracefully as she does . One of her greatest aspirations is to go on 
Aliyah and be a nurse there Miss Ladenheim or is it Lacden? which- 
ever it is, we all agree that this long-haired senorita is sure to go far. 

Class President, Vice President, Treasurer; Freshman Play; Drama Club; Class 
Debater; Manager, Israeli Dance Group; Dance Festival; Choir; Scenery, 
School Production. 


^3] qmn Tnnsmi irnira n a:> nng 


"Which Chana?" has become the most common of queries this Chana has 
succeeded in leaving a lasting impression on all of us ... a "favorite" of a cer- 
tain linguist she couldn't stay away from school — found excuses to come 
in on Sundays a vital link in the chain of Landers In her English realm, 

Monarch is king free since she became a Russian defector she took the 
leading "roll" in making our Chanukuah more decorative the only booster 
who didn't boost Hannah's warmth and generosity are worth boasting 


Choir; Committees, School Productions; Booster; Tutor; Chanukah Chagiga; 
Big Sister; Arista. 



n JN nn TISU? ■'JNQJD1 '''? T3 ^ n JN VH ON 

Started off in her sophomore year in an all out campaign to make Hamvasser 
read graduating from Mr. Steif to Mr. Lilker, Last became our First Lady 

added her artistic touch to Central's decor "but Suzanne, now the walls 
clash!" much to the "children's" delight, Suzanne treated them to fre- 

quent and varied assemblies despite rumors to that effect, Miss Miller has 
proven to us that Suzanne is not really tone deaf her powers of organiza- 
tion and concentration can be testified to by her room and notebooks and 
by Xerox's recent business boom who says she's absent-minded? loves 
"people!", coke, ice-cream, and steak despite all her responsibilities, Suz- 
anne always seems to find time to be a really special friend, and person. 

President, CO.; "Oliver"; "Anne Frank"; "My Fair Lady"; Director-Producer, 
Chanukah Chagiga; Director, Drama Club; School Debating Manager; Class 
Debating Manager; Oratorical Contest; Editor, Hebrew Newspaper; Courier; 
High School Bowl; Tutor; Publicity Committee; Arista. 




pint]] nojiun in "inr nnnNT] nujiun }nj 

A native born Israeli — sabra, that is Dolia's dark coloring and cute accent 
are proof of it "Attention! Watch out for the forthcoming kumsitz in Kings- 
bridge" a B'nai Koach activist she always keeps us informed Rabbi Sol- 
nica's "Delilah" always manages to wear the styles she wants one of her 
most quotable quotes: "Never study till the night before" but don't let her 
"laxness" fool you always gets things done a champion machanaim 

player . . . manages to get to the point with teachers her real hope is to re- 
turn to the Medinah Aretz's gain will be our loss. 

Choir; Hebrew Oratorical Contest; Hamvasser. 



littnzi rmwn tqju inrN 

Eilleen C. Leistner, otherwise known as "Eilie", can boast of an undiscovered 
middle name so far no one has found out what lurks behind that C . fre- 
quently seen crossing the Brooklyn Bridge from her home base on the East 
Side a member of the "mothers of revolution" . she knits, does needle- 
point, and attends demonstrations in Freshman year she provided first- 
hand knowledge of Capitalism by doing a thriving business selling ribbons 
staunch supporter of the Dove the only person who can say "buy some- 
thing and I'll share it with you" — and still get away with it good luck on 
your "aliyah" to California. 

Class Treasurer, Vice-President; Props Committee, School Productions; Drama 
Club; Publicity Committee; Tutor; Choir; Booster; Big Sister. 



-•-ITU nit vim Dnnn ?n n ru wdn 

Who else would have walked into school as a freshman wearing army boots 
and red glasses? ... Dr. Pascal's Martha Washington , . Waited after class to 
discuss the laws of attraction and magnetism with Mr. Schiff A once ardent 
follower of Epicurean philosophy she decided that "food does not pay" 
and surprised us all with a new figure her motto — "have lettuce, will trav- 
el" . . Attention everybody — Felice has changed her name to Tzipi Al- 
ways a Lovin-gerl now she's preoccupied with outside activities — O' Soys.' 
Lookingfor Felice? You'll find her devouring books on psychiatry . . . when 
she's not psychoanalyzing television characters Heading for Medical 

School whatever she does and whatever we call her — Good Luck, and 


Choir; Drama Club; Tutor; Librarian; Chanukah Chagiga; Big Sister. 

">J)Ott W> 


rwm IT VR unn ON 

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is it? — as an eager freshman VIVIAN en- 

tered our halls as a flourishing Navi student VIVIANE is leaving she first 
ventured to learn French VIVI ANNE then ambitiously proceeded to de- 

vour Latin Mrs. Finnigan's loss Miss Schwartz's gain(?) . . . She will nev- 

er be forgotten — or forgiven Our future Hebrew teacher will never fail 

. . Constantly eating apples, she can always be LABLED a "neiss" girl In the 
words of her favorite "VIVA LA VIV!" 

Choir; Scenery Committee, School Production; Hebrew High School Bowl; 
Big Sister. 



unto iunp own n D uy? now n y 3 

"You mean school starts before nine o'clock?" . Marilyn's day would be "in- 
complete" unless she came late our own perush-maker-upper never 
too shy to ask why . . . p(r)ops up with great ideas to aid our school produc- 
tions . always a jump(er) ahead of the Home Ec class . gave up a great 
lunch period for a Neiss-er history class . always well dressed has the 

perfect outfit for every occasion — with earrings to match of course one of 
the first to make "contacts" with her beautiful brown eyes whether it's lis- 
tening sympathetically to problems or thinking up the kookiest things to do — 
Mar sure is nice to have around! 

Choir; Scenery Committee, School Production; Maccabiah; Publicity Commit- 
tee; Tzedakah Drive; Big Sister. 



}?nnn nti ti dnt uwr "qvu "?nm inn iptu 

Zipporah — never Zippy as a freshman she roamed Central's halls wonder- 
ing what she was doing here she's still wondering Lady Zipporah with 
her long, flowing hair and hazel eyes never lost her cool her tonsils instead 
. . she boosted many a class with her back-of-the-room seminars it took 
Miss Miller to figure out that she was "tone deaf" one of the brave pi- 
oneers who lengthened her coat and raised her hemlines . . with her stun- 
ning FICURE-ative literary style we're sure she'll go very far. 

Class President; Literary Staff, Elchanet; Drama Club; Junior Debating Team; 
Class Debater; Captain, Boosters; Biographer. 



Veteran globe trotter of the senior class, from Kansas to Denver to N.Y. 
only senior suited for a career in the C.I. A. Has confused teachers with her 

two handwrittings . Has another half no-one knows about Jo is the ex- 

ception to Mrs. Stern's maxim: "There is no such thing as an accent!" . Solve 
this riddle: who lives furthest from school, yet nearest to school, and is still late 
to school? . . . A language "lover" she astounded and awed exponents of the 
"it can't be done" philosophy by successfully convincing Mr. L. to let her drop 
Latin and French thereby a precedent for other sufferers . Co-founder of the 
notorious Smitty and Morg Conversation Developing Course When Sitting 
Next to or in Front of a Teacher's Desk good luck Jo and may your hair 

never frizz! 

Class President; Scenery Committee, School Productions; Choir; Booster; Big 



Tnnsrn m? j?m Tmirn utd inhi 

Three lockers coming in for a landing is Nina really underneath? 

she's still in one piece — all sixty-two inches of her . No, she is not her 
younger sister's younger sister . Has the most adorable sneeze Our 

French scholar — Mademoiselle Noimann . Keeps her Hebrew classes post- 
ed on how many seconds remain until the bell "Sews" herself into hilarious 
situations . Combines her droll wit with keen insight ... a deep and earnest 
thinker, she is the center of many lively discussions short on hair, but im- 
mense in personality, Nina is truly one in a million ! 

Choir; Props Manager, "Guys and Dolls;" Scenery Committee, School Produc- 
tions; Drama Club; Publicity Committee; Big Sister. 


rrnjg in imrjj" 1 mil arm urn 

warna rrw 

To describe Sharon as slim would be an understatement Sharon — what 

did Israel do to you? known for her artistic prowess in drawing, from doo- 
dling to self-portraits . . . Mrs. Levinson's delight Mrs. Mintz's too . . who 
else but Sharon could sell her own drawing to a teacher !! . . indulges in the 
oddity of sleepwalking made quite an interesting hostess at the freshmen 

weekend nevertheless, Sharon has some prominent abilities which never 

remain dormant dancing her way through Carnegie Hall and mid-terms at 
the same time heaven only knows how she did it! Reading — indispen- 

sable for Sharon's probing mind what's that you're hiding under your 

Chumash, Sharon? , . . a good friend, helping others to help themselves, Shar- 
on's hopes-of going into Special Education will surely be realized. 

Layout Editor, Elchanet; Scenery Committees, School Productions; "Bonche 
Schweig"; Competitive Play; Drama Club; Head of Maccabiah; Dance Festival; 
Dance Group; Choir; Booster. 

RONNIE T.NOBLE \ / ^l*\\j f ^K 

Did Brooklyn move to Washington Heights, then Monsey? Ronni "Bull" 

seems to have picked up the dialect without ever having lived there . . this 
compact little package can talk up twenty-five dollars worth of storm in one 
night! . her imaginative descriptions can keep you either in tears or in stitch- 
es, but in any case thoroughly exhausted Hail Twinkle Toes "Don't slip 
on the vaseline!" her constant flow of ruach attests to the fact that she's a 
true B'nai Akivanik says more in one look than you can express in a five 

hundred word composition though Rifka is often silent, beneath her exte- 

rior beats a heart full of fierce feelings towards Aretz. 

Class President; Dance Croup; Dance Festival; Choir. 



0TN1 LTp'PN T1Q HUD "PDLU1 in N^m 

Our blue-eyed blonde, "little Offie" is an overflowing bundle of energy and 
enthusiasm can always be found dancing, cheering, or singing or walk- 
ing in the park — at night!? as our Arista V.P. she's known to have looked 
under tables for tutors . . . Eva got hysterical when she heard a song on the ra- 
dio about someone "coming" . . wonder why . known to have tackled Ja- 
son and the Stranger in any language she's great had trouble with her 
foot but not with Oedipus a cheer for our cheerleader! 

Vice President, Arista; Class Secretary, Treasurer; Dancing, School Production; 
Class Plays; Captain, Cheerleaders; Dance Group; Israeli Dance Festival; Band; 
Choir; Big Sister. 




Our Rumanian gypsy known for her long, dangling earrings and colorful 

vests . An ardent advocator of five apples a day keep the doctor away 
Pretzels anyone? T.I., a job, and attending Central all at once — 

impossible? . . . not for Marcy . . Dr. Pascal's senorita - One of the privi- 
leged few to pick her own name . Responsible for many livily discussions in 
Miss Frankel's class . Mr. Steif's and Rabbi Gold's space-saver on mid-terms 
. . . One of our biggest Israeli enthusiasts, Marcy hopes to live there some day 
but will she ever get her citizenship paper? Only senior that gets lost 

between classes - crocheting, dancing, and constantly on the move . 
there's no doubt this Perl's a Pearl no matter how you spell it. 

Choir; Dancing, School Production; Drama Club; Debater; Cheerleader; 
Dance Group; Tutor; Big Sister; Arista. 


TT ?dn mem urn 


Our future U.N. interpreter — or Russian spy! ... so what if she speaks Russian 
with a Spanish accent Barbara proved you can watch T.V. all night and still 
get 90's . . . Whaddya' mean you didn't watch the late, late, late show . . "No, 
this is not my new dress, it's my sweatshirt!" . Our star Spanish actress . . . 
always filing her newly cultivated nails Broke the record of being called 

upon most in her Navi class "But I'm not an artist!" An authority on the 
trials and tribulations of being short "Do I look like I'm twelve years old??" 
. . . "Well, I'm not!!" Barbara's charm and intelligence make us love her 


Class President; Freshman Play; Drama Club; Class Debater; Choir; Big Sister. 



Ratzendorf? Ratterdorf? no, it's Rat-zers-dorf-er or just plain Gi . . . 
Mr. Lilker's "Imp" or "Red" our freckled faced chief graduated from 

braids to curl-free this mischieveous tomboy is the terror of the faculty 
but they wouldn't have her any other way known for her unfailing ability to 
get out of any predicament even a Navi class a fresh air bug, we are in 
constant fear of her falling out of the window first to venture above the 

fourth floor, and disprove the existence of a swimming pool . we all 
"shepped naches" from her on the day of the Tanach contest in Israel Gila 
is an experience we will never forget ! 

Editor-in-Chief, Elchanet; Co-Editor, Courier; School Productions; Debater; 
High School Bowl; Literary Magazine; Hamvasser; Librarian; Booster; Choir; 
Arista; Big Sister. 



"Titd ~[in? nnriNi 

After one year in Bronx Science, Toby realized that Central was the place for 
her and we're glad she did for three years she has succeeded in making 
our untuned pianos into sources of beautiful and lively music from the 

Alma Mater to "My Fair Lady" to "Rabbi Akiva", you name it, she'll play it . . . 
her innocent blush has won over many a heart even Rabbi Eliezri thinks 

she's "Tova" ... To Toby happiness is an unbroken nail and a piece of gum 
say her hair is long and she'll love you everybody's confidante, she knows 
enough to blackmail anyone a frustrated Arista president who always 

seems to be around when Mr. Steif needs her a firm believer in Yud-Ches 
L'chupah we hope her dreams come true — fast! 

President, Arista; Class President; Committees, School Productions; Pianist, 
"My Fair Lady"; School Pianist; Class Debater; Welcome Freshmen Commit- 
tee; Hamvasser; Band; Choir; Big Sister. 



lirrn nrm Dipian mi utrn nnu nr~nn nnui ^d 

Our "Hey Lady!" girl, Sharon is a bouncing bundle of energy and pep born 
and raised in Shenandoah, Pa., no less "No, I'm not Elaine!" Always 

striving to greater heights, she just couldn't wait to switch from B to A Mr. 
Stahl's favorite eraser girl An avid Russian student so why is Germany 

always on her mind? maybe being an aunt helps One of our undiscov- 
ered artists, Sharon's "marvelous" sand sculpture really turned Mrs. Levinson 
on . . . "It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Sharon's sneakers!" Our singing sten- 
ographer and winner of the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question, Sharon surely 
won't be forgotten. 

Class Vice President, Treasurer; Props and Scenery Committees, School Pro- 
ductions; Freshman Play; Publicity Committee; Tutor; Choir; Big Sister; Arista. 


run LupT iidj y? 


Noted for her reading, writing and rhetoric her big, beautiful, grey eyes 

speak for themselves Rabbi Eliezri's pet peeve The most imagina- 
tive Latin enthusiast Mr. Rathman's "problem" student . . her problem 
was finally solved in typing! first pupil to teach the class a history lesson 
... on Big Business (she should know!) her sudden disappearance in De- 
cember never aroused any suspicion Is that you, Baby Mona?? . . . Keeps 
teachers on their toes with her provocative and challenging questions . Our 
talented pianist hopes to make her debut in English we're sure she'll 

Choir; Committees, School Production; Competitive Assembly; Chanukah 
Chagiga; Librarian; Distributor, Courier; Hamagid; Arista. 



nnrrpr] iw nrr? 1 n?i nin n u ?n n u not n? 

The enigma that is Mindy: F.A.V.P.P.C, A.P.T.T.P., B.P.P., P.T.O., C.C.E. 
able debater and orator who gets her practice in class . Owner of a distinc- 
tive laugh called a cackle when a joke goes over we really know it a 
chronic late-comer very "adept" at writing Hebrew compositions . can 

testify to the fact that Central's desks are very conducive to sleep Beloved 

of our Jewish Ethics teacher — past and present a radical whose bi-weekly 
run-ins with the administration make for a diverting few hours every week 
Believes there should be peace in Viet Nam and the U.S., and works toward 
that goal aspiring law student hopes to help form the new government 

after the revolution. 

Manager, School Debating Team; Intra-Mural Debater; Class Debater; English 
Oratorical Contest; "Bonche Schweig"; Israeli Dance Croup; Choir; Booster. 

noorc> ncm 


irmim -n rrm 'fin ttbt ~iujk Tun m: 

Don't let her quiet manner fool you behind it is a girl gifted in more ways 

than one a probing mind constantly at work, Barbara can solve any prob- 

lem an assiduous note-taker, Barbara's known to write down even the 

jokes . proved to be a threat to the paper industry with her microscopic 
handwriting her dextrous fingers find their way to the piano in between 

studying one of the few seniors who braved Math and Physics at the same 
time . . our "starry"-eyed senior, Barbara pursued some outside interests 
which were "out of this world" Barbara will prove to be a "Brocha" wher- 
ever she goes. 

C/ass Secretary; Librarian; Class Debater; High School Bowl; Choir; Big Sister; 



mu in nnrai qoDT] m imun duj inm 

President of the "Be Kind To Shrimps" club short on inches but long on 

words, Rachelle opened our eyes to the rampant discrimination against the 
pint-sized Played the tailor's son (how come her pants didn't fit?) is her 
own seamstress . Rose from the only freshman high-school-bowler to cap- 
tain of the team by now she has become an incurable collector of trivia . . . 
travels every day from Monsey hopes to take a longer trip to school next 
year Is constantly amazing us with her crazy lunches — whole grapefruits! 
. . . spinach pancakes? and she says she doesn't like eating!?! . . . joined 

Mr. Steif's crowd as the one-man art staff of Hamagid Rachelle is living 

proof that great things come in little packages! 

Class President, Vice President; Captain, High School Bowl; "Oliver"; Com- 
mittees, School Production; English Oratorical Contest; Publicity Committee; 
Biographer; Hamagid; Choir; Big Sister; Arista. 



itdn rrnn aran "?m tun rnsn n Ja "ihj 

We dream of Tzipi with the incredible, twinkling, green eyes . she dreams of 
horror movies and long, straight hair lives on tranquilizers, Toby, and Teki- 
lah what big hands you have . the better to strum with, my dear . . . first 
"mother" in the class a "bloomin"' talent our fair lady; now 

out to save our souls? dances to make up for her peanut diet . . . Tzipi's 
ability to find the good side of anything constantly amazes us "can I curse 
now?" instigator of a telephone line in French a chorus in Ivrit and 
a baby-sitting service for faculty . Tzipi's a person with whom you can be se- 
rious and also laugh ..we even feel like saying something really corny we 
all love you Tzip! 

Class President; Literary Editor, Elchanet; "My Fair Lady"; Class Debating 
Manager; School Debater; Courier; Band; Big Sister; Arista. 




No, no relation to Albert Shanker Rabbi Solnica will never forget her: "Hey 
Shenk where's your gum?" Mr. Schwartzbard's sweetheart . "Oops, my 

contact lens!" we hope they'll survive the heat in Israel Esther is re- 

sponsible for starting all the diet fads in the lunchroom Now which E.S. is 
that??? . Would you believe she gets high on air? her infectious laughter 
caused many a class commotion A witness to Rabbi Minchenberg's 100- 

yard-dash every morning "No, I'm not Miss Levenberg!" Look what 

you're stepping into bleep, bleep A believer in natural beauty Hey 

Shenk why don't you buy blush-on? it's less painful than pinching . . . Al- 

ways smiling, singing and dancing, the "purple and blue" just never seem to 
get her down. 

Class Vice President; Props Committee, School Production; Dance Croup; 
Publicity Committee; Tutor; Choir; Big Sister; Arista. 


Wl DHTDl "'TIILD ^DD. UTJ 'fl finm 

o: r> 

A professional worrier, our cute blonde is amazingly good at inventing prob- 
lems for herself . "Just look at those pimples!" (we give up, where are they?) 
... a blushing B'nei Akivanik (remember that din v'cheshbon about Ovadiah?) 
. . . always willing to help, whether it's offering a seat on the subway, carrying 
your books, or baking a professor of the "open door policy" "the 

nerve of getting sick on us like that!" "and then inviting those Chicago 
girls" . . spends her time hovering over the mail waiting for a friendly letter 
... is ready to sue the post office every five days . they're going to sue her if 
she doesn't go on Hach' soon made her debut shouting "murder, mur- 

der!" is now found dancing every spare second no matter what she 

says, we think Annie is really great! 

Class Vice-President, Treasurer; Chorus, School Productions; "Bonche 
Schweig"; Assistant Head, Israeli Dance Croup; Choir; Big Sister. 


nm mp ipji? 'mi firm mp firm rrwtn 

Probing, mischieveous eyes set in a face framed by long silky hair . only a 
few attributes of our Southern Belle Teachers get a full benefit of her talent 
for keeping a class in stitches often are startled to find that behind the 

clown's mask lies a sensitive and intellectual mind Hands busy crocheting 

yarmulkas — "No, Mr. Stahl, this one's not for you!" . . . Her mind continuous- 
ly filing Tanach ("It's on the bottom line, left side of the page, Miss Offenbach- 
er!") . . . "Pizza anyone?" On her toes since the first day of school . . . Phi has 
proven to the world that it's possible to stay slim on a diet of pizza and falafel! 
Head of freshman weekend — maybe that's why there's never been 
another?!? . . and of Maccabiah — is that why we lost?!? . . . This ardent B'nei 
Akivanik is loved by all! 

Class President; Business Manager, Elchanet; "Brigadoon"; Dancing and Props 
Committee, School Productions; Drama Club; Hebrew Oratorical Contest; 
Class Debater; Captain, Maccabiah; Chanukah Chagiga; Welcome Freshmen 
Committee; Dance Croup; Israeli Dance Festival; Biographer; Booster; Big 





Mr. Lilker's Smitty our Suchie . S.S.S. is an uncommon as uncommon can 
be from Mr. Stahl's frustration came Mr. Rathman's prodigy Voted law- 
yer of the year Advocator of freedom of speech Avid taker of history 
notes — but whose? . . One of the few select readers of as yet undiscovered 
Hebrew literature Our year-round model and owner of the season's 
first maxi Mr. L. was disappointed it didn't fit him . . . Only girl who com- 
mutes to Israel three times a year . . . From her horse hair in Dr. Pascal's class to 
her falling up the stairs, our bubbling scientist is sure to go far. 

Class Debating Manager; Scenery, Freshman Play; Fashion Shov 
Booster; Typist, Hamagid; Biographer; Choir; Arista. 




wmn nnn fan m urn \m ?d? 

An enthusiastic waving of both hands and a cheery "Hi girls!" was Frieda's 
greeting now a big, friendly "Shalom" greets us in the halls Alphabeti- 
cal seating sometimes chooses our friends — is that why Sobel was so friendly 
with Schwartzbard, Solnica, and Stahl?! This "newsgirl" comes to school 

with the latest info on the Forest Hills Young Marrieds their kids, their 

doings . . their concerts? Founder of the school ping-pong team . . Frie- 
da has added bounce to Central in more ways than one having a talent for 
instruction, Frieda busies herself tutoring and a little teaching on the side 
"Frieda, what does "KLAID" mean? truly a Yiddishe Maidele . . wher- 
ever she goes, Frieda radiates a true love for Torah and a deep sensitivity and 
love for Aretz. 

Class President, Vice President, Treasurer; Co-editor, Hamagid; Scenery and 
Props Committees, School Production; Freshman Play; Welcome Freshmen 
Committee; Captain, Ping-Pong; Bookfair; Choir; Big Sister. 



in irr mu ?duj 

Editor-in-chief of the Courier Arlene always finishes ahead of the deadline 
... a firm believer in work now and rejoice later — term papers ready in Sep- 
tember and a suntan in January? senioritis beginning to affect her too? . . . 
always the first one out of the building her class notes are very informative 
— to Frances that is an expert skier our Latin whiz — "est vere socia 
bona" a compulsive shopper neat, organized and tastefully dressed, 

Arlene rates highest in any poll. 

Editor-in-Chief, Courier; Librarian; Choir; Usherette; Biographer; Big Sister; 

?td m\i) 


DDTiurj N n n 'n nnn 

A blast of refreshing air — Marilyn is at the windows again trying to revive us 
refusing to give up after the windows struck back French and Math (or 
was it art?) in Senior year a chocolate bar a day tired of being subjected 
to a "prophetic" interrogation always at a loss for books, never at a loss for 
an answer What's her name in Chumash? the only Junior who knew 

how to read English, the only Senior who couldn't "write" a poem a mix- 
ture of liveliness and sincerity, it's absolutely un DEBATEable that Mar is the 

Class Vice President; "My Fair Lady"; Freshman Play; Drama Club; Debater 
Tutor; Biographer; Choir; Big Sister; Arista. 



Official cheerleader of the girls' basketball team — unofficial for the boys . . . 
known for her rival, the basketball, Strauss is a PERL of a girl hailing from 

Washington Heights, Yecksville U.S.A., Estie combines punctuality and thrift- 
ness as our school treasurer joining the ranks of Central with her Dutch 
Boy hair-cuts, it grew, and grew, and grew her back row seat proved a 

handy cover-up for Estie's nimble fingers . . . from yarmulkas to matching 
scarves, Estie can crochet it in no time proved that it is possible to be skinny 
she may have become a French scholar in Breuer's, but we're glad she 
came to Central. 

Treasurer, CO.; Class Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer; Layout Editor, El- 
chanet; Scenery Committee, School Production, Drama Club; Co-Captain, 
Cheerleaders; Israeli Dance Group; Volleyball Team; Publicity Committee; 
Contributor, Literary Magazine; Library; Choir; Big Sister; Arista. 


Tnurnsn nftiu "Pto unm tt 

?T»ii mw 

Esther WHO? Mr. Lilker's Smulowick bur our Szmuly always willing 
to defend her peers, Mr. Schwartzbard doesn't have a chance Esther can 

no longer boast of being shortest in the class . . in fact, Rabbi Eliezri never 
missed her the only Centralite who managed to cut class and be present at 
the same time her lunch-periods were "steifled" by other pressing duties 

as Hebrew editor of the Elchanet she had to give up one of her favorite pas- 
times — eating . but it was well worth it (P.S. the Hebrew section can be 
reached by flipping the next ten pages} the only senior who found a pen- 
pal down in the office, Szmuly's correspondence with Mr. Lilker proved fruit- 
ful we hope her future will be as rewarding. 

Class Treasurer; Hebrew Editor, Elchanet; Big Sister Play; Drama Club; Class 
Debating Manager; School Debater; Hebrew Oratorical Contest; Hebrew 
High School Bowl; Hamvasser; Librarian; Booster; Arista. 



u^qjitt] 'n nun nun sun irim n D 

An unceasing source of ruach, our bouncing Bnei Akivanik can always be 
found wherever there's an outburst of singing our "Waddles" is sure no 
"quack" — a policeman and Mrs. Mintz get free medical advice .A short 
"W" haircut never kept Malki from wearing pigtails A great fan of the Rab- 
bis' Sons she even practices occasionally herself — like at Miriam's mock chu- 
pah Having fallen down the stairs twice and having been hit by snowballs 
during class Malki has grounds to sue the school but she'd probably end up 
raising the money for insurance Bore the financial burdens of the school 
quite successfully Is that why you never had time for class, Malki? good 
excuse . . . Although Malki claims that her name is derived from "Minerva", 
her congeniality certainly is no myth. 

Treasurer, CO.; Class President, Vice President, Treasurer; Business Manager, 
Ekhanet; "My Fair Lady" Class Debater; Chanukah Chagiga; Hamvasser; 
Dance Croup; Israeli Dance Festival; Band; Choir. 



FiTtm dtdi 21 nrmojrcn 

We start each morning with Frances' melodious voice singing out "Boker Tov" 
inspires her classmates with a heartrending reading of Tehilim Frances 
is always in demand . . . "Valfish, Valfish, vere is Valfish?" , Frances is proba- 
bly in hiding . . Mr. Steif and Rabbi Eliezri are rivals for her favors whom is 
Frances having lunch with today? . . . prover of the uselessness of vestiges 
has a knack for bumping into people unexpectedly from a lowly reporter 
on the Courier, she rose to editor of the widely? read Maggid Mr. Klein's 
best friend constantly surprising us with her wealth of knowledge "Did 
you know that Eugene O'Neill's brother lived in Paterson?" Frances's warm 
smile brightens even the dreariest of days. 

Class Vice President; Editor, Hamagid; Props Committee, School Production; 
Drama Club; Chanukah Chagiga; Hebrew High School Bowl; Hamvasser; 
Courier; Tutor; Choir; Arista. 

-I0T7N H 1 ? Til 'ft 

fTTDD rVp-Q. OT)D 

One of the most blooming writers des belles lettres is our Miriam she her- 
self is an ardent admirer of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Eugene O'Neill, and Tennessee 
Williams A French student who speaks Spanish with a slightly Italian accent 
... Is often heard saying: "My heart is in the Highlands" (Israel, that is) . Her 
lovely dark hair and eyes make us wonder if Miriam is a sabra although she 
is next to Acharonah in the class alphabet, she is certainly very Chaviva ! 

Class Debater; Drama Club; Chanukah Chagiga; Contibutor, Literary Maga- 
zine; Usherette; Booster; Choir. 


num tunh n jrm tdh 'n n mn. 


Our sun-struck senior started Central with a bang . . . then proceeded with a 
boost and a strum our mod freshman, she was the first in our class to be a 
big sister will always be remembered for her debt to the military service 
to fulfill her role as a true philanthropist her words could be heard echoing 
throughout our halls . . "Girls, have your money ready!" . . . was seen wear- 
ing a yellow polka dot bikini in summer and a fuzzy-wuzzy in winter who 
can she be? a French starlet? a Russian spy? I know — a prophetess . . 
without Wind there's no Ruach ! 

Class Treasurer; Captain, Boosters; Drama Club; Dance Group; Band. 

Graduation has finally come and we're off! As we 
leave, we would like to say "thank-you" to the par- 
ents, families, friends, teachers, and administration 
with whom we spent the last four years. Within each 
one of us there is, to be sure, a bit that we have 
gained from each of them. "May G— d grant us the 
strength and the courage to continue to live up to 
their hopes and fulfill all their dreams." 







Pa m*& 

* wm 

TO . 


To Our "Furst" Kallah, Miriam, And Her Chasan, Lenny 


Mrs. Parness 
Mrs. Kohn 

Mrs. Friedman 
Mrs. Epstein 


vyflwrgp: A i^oic for 

mm whov\T5H • 

^fcSMMAiJ &UACK Soft^O 

tM-ft" '3i fetit, ^oiseao fart 3cm ri<# 
I'iJSH - i'.e I it -takes h?or ugcrs .-- 


k®) to fa» 

(TCJl 6 I 



). O^e wsq r>crf ka^e fKe t>oi |dtrvj 

3- (W can f\of- cover o^S 

■School co/€ rs. ... 
counts- V^ ^ re j € ? 

v^W* f 

/ \ K ^ 

I. app\t strode' 

£ Cst e He Scv.^ 

) J^Fi^/hofJs : 

CiT. fcfi • - spee^ritiwii 

6 reek to os [ 
*" Hrs si* 

r ?-0 r Jo** j 

5hc lo S 


o+ore. . 

SO Ptf CM OJ. £ Bo LLC f I M Bq£) R I 


J Painters needed - 

P.S. This time 
I color-blindness is 
^Ifii. A. ,Bgg=£eciulslte. 

C"S Olp^lS falo 


rru BaM< v UpKa 

I'-frciVi ' tf. A i ' 

Medical Report: 

An epidemic of twitching 
jaws has broken out among 
the student body. 

Mr. Stahl is guaranteed 
relieve a quarter of the 
pain I 


from: all students 
to: Mr. Lilker 
Mirror, mirror on the wall 
Alone you couldn't guard the 

Our guests from Harren 

scared us all. 
So thanks Mr. Lilker, for 
Mr. Stahl 1 


Bio. Exam 

grade 0j-Vf5 

l)When you cross a blackbird with 

• a bluebird you get: 

a)a black and blue bird 
b)a black bird with blue spots 
c)a blue bird with black spots 
d)a bird that is sometimes 

black and sometimes blue depen- 
ding on his mood. 

2) Which of the following is con- 
sidered a psychological dis- 
a)attempting to break the bars 

on Central's windows 

b Attempting to jump from the 

fire escape to defy Newton's 

Gravitational Theory 

c)writing obscenities on the 

bathroom walls 

d) taking this exam when you're 

totally unprepared. 

The Sophomore Weekend 
will take place : 

"Berrgg. luck N6.xT V£ftRJ 

y A.t,:-:dUhi\o4sf 

.. : bel|>s W. \cl stTrsn'4 bodies _i'o wer£- 

ff tft RLS F JD| ^ 


r/ % 


^ Ni G 

Soo ._ c. W« V\ 
















t>EF IN I T 1 M S> ' " > %f r 

~ '" .'^ v v> 

© CBS - C.d^A Sta.K\ ■^'.v" / 6 ©^ 

& >Sijoji • ,-t's cf'ieacc! ^ - 

$> Preach i.r."str+OTe - Crudes.*- : 

.■.■ ' ^fori ^ VI wKt«N a Q w Sfc = e Mr L 

Ac FCuO • XOlJfiL ?ft?tifc i«0 «*f\l_f ^C THr/YT iP KR.^THIF FORGETS TO 

'&.' Pc/\ ft i-frit ^Oi^t? Tkfrfc pf'(C - DcVt fflePfVRC i-'/^J 

'O £ xr 



1) Nose plugs for Room 

2) Ear plugs for 58~St. 
between 9~and 10* Ave, 

3) 1000 green and black 
bookcovers - cheap I 

4) 1 blue and purple 
school sweater with 
the name Prudence 
Cram on it. 

"Diamonds are a senior's best friend. 
- - . Fcr ail -k-'iA^ Sake,^? 

TO f-s fts . w\ i *j r l 

, © 

Due to OFFIcial 
circumstances the 
Medical Room has 

become on 
'auxiliary lunch- 
, room. Any problems 
are to be directed 
to the second floor 

V v 


* v \,o- 


e * AS 




^ UTe7 

^c oi inn ^_ 


s s.l 

Attention Mr. Stahli 
Your new office is waiting 
for you. You've come a long 
way baby I 

T0 B the Witch in her role 

Which wltcn ' 1nn » 
That's a moot question. 














Teachers Say The Darndest Things 

You had better be on my side because it is to your advantage. 

Some of your cards are beginning to look like baseball fields with all the little round 

I did not ask for comments. I made a statement. 
I do not think that you are registered here in a betrothal course. 
Close your books. That way I have no problems. 
Look, you and I can think differently but the book knows what is on the regents so 

we have to go according to the book. 
I am the only one who is to whistle in this class. 
Do not say that. If deflates my ego. 
We stopped asking'why a long time ago. 
Knock it off! 

I'm just as uncomfortable as you are and I'm older and I'm colder. 
Please don't be feminine in class. 
The girls here are basically good. 
Let's be orderly! 

You don't want to talk to me today, do you? 
This is a classroom, not a clashroom. 
She knows what she's saying. 
You're so naive you don't even know . . . 
This is a contzpiratzia. 
Don't jump out. It's not that bad. 

Hayom anachnu will discuss the inyan of Lamed-Tes Melachot. 
Ya Understand, ya know, ya understand . . . 
If you have any questions . . . see me during lunch. 
"Hei" is for horses and "hei" is for Hiphil. 
A little lipstick and a little paint makes a girl what she ain't. 
If you want to sneeze go down to the office. 
You can call me anything but never late for dinner. 

,m» nx Q'ln mam* »o 

. ns mn ">iy non *"> 

.■»'?» rmnmn rrnV'n nj nujcnpn xV jnx* nnn nipyV. . .ms* nm» m&yV 

You got a 75% on this test. I'm glad to see you're picking up. 

Sit up front. You're destroying the neighborhood back there. 

If you can't hear me you're hard of hearing. 

Pa . . . a . . . ahc . . . Poc Poc Poc Poc ... Pa ... a ... he .. . Poc Poc. 

Mooooooooooo . . . Mazel Tov. 

You eskimos, you lame ducks! 

If you don't put your hand down I'll cut if off and tie it behind your back. 

I'm going to clean up Central singlehanded. 

Today you'll have to spend in Siberia. 

/ thought the test was easy anyway. 

I see you're back but don't think I missed you. 

You don't have to come to class if you don't want to. 

(to Rashi) Where is that lethal weapon of yours? 

(from a male faculty member) We girls 

G-d da-n it! 

Today we are going to play shlogball. 

Mahrvelous dear, simply mahrvelous! 

You're disturbing the air waves. 

Paper is cheaper than a headache. 

It's easier to keep up than to catch up. 

At least if you're going to dance, don't dance with a shlep. 

I'm a very independent girl myself. 

The Torah has more faith in seventy-year-old men than you do. 

Today I'd like to get you to the altar. 

I don't care what they do as long as they tell us beforehand . . . 
No matter whether I'm right or wrong, I'm still the boss. 




Shards of soda bottles, long since discardeaVlittered the sand, mixed with the 
sea shells washed ashore by the froth. Sand dunes, formed by the passage of 
time, lay undisturbed. For years this stretch of land had been haunted by the 
solitary figure of the stooped, aged man, puttering about arranging row upon 
row of the bits strewn about his habitation. Time slipped by unnoticed as he sat 
huddled gazing out on the peaceful tableau spread before him. 

Toward sundown, when the seagulls swept down, he would leave his perch 
and find refuge in the cavities afforded by the cold gray rocks. To watch the 
birds would only pain him. They were a jarring reminder of his past life. They 
could only prove once again man's futility and ineffectiveness, for there was 
nothing he could do to help the unsuspecting fish falling prey to the birds. 

He had had a home then and a wife whom he could only remember lying in 
the white hospital bed, surrounded by doctors trying to bring about the deliv- 
ery of their child. And he stood at the foot of the bed watching her face con- 
tort with each new pain while he held his hands at his side, knuckles white. It 
was just a matter of hours before the doctors were at work on a new case and 
his wife was stretched out on a marble slab. 

Forms Questionnaires . When they had finished with h\rj) and had 

expressed the appropriate regrets, he walked out on the world, leaving all be- 
hind. He did not deny his escape; he did not minimize his cowardice; yet he 
knew that he had taken a necessary step. Nb longer could he share in the joys 
and sorrows of life. All that had meant anything w^s tost and not to be 

No one noticed his al 
just as he knew'it woi 

)sek)ce. The world continued on its course without him, 
ild. One man made little difference in society's bustling 


The soft padding of footsteps along the sand intruded and awakened him out 
of his revery. Startled by this alien sound, he was even more surprised by the 
appearance of-the stroller, a young boy oblivious to his presence. The man 
remained hidden within the crevices watching the chjld prance aboutdelight- 
ing in the pu re beauty of Nature . 

As the weeks passed, the old man found himself looking forward to the spo- 
radic appearances of the boy. He could feel a transformation in himself, a 
growing sense that part of his re-awakened heart now belonged to this boy 
who did not even know of his existence. One day, drawn by the child's joyful 
countenance, the man stepped slowly over his fortress of shells and glass, hesi- 
tant but determined. And against the darkening sky two solitary figures could 
be seen leaving the solitude of the past. 

Sharon Neumark 


What do I care? 

For I stay warm and dry within my walls 

As the rain rolls gently down my window. 

Let women and children be torn from life 
Let innocent blood flow 
Let bombs explode the identity of man 
Let napalm eat through man's soul 

Let mothers weep with futility 

As children scream in pain 

Let the cruel, gnawing knife of hunger 

Slash all glimmers of hope 

What do I care? 

For I stay warm and dry within my walls 

As the rain rolls gently down my window. 

Let the vicious spreading germ of hate 
Eradicate all love 
Let man's worth be based upon 
The color of his skin 

And let pain permeate the entire earth 

From the moment of man's birth 

Till mercifully his wretched and wracked existence 

Is torn from his bleeding hands 

But I am not warm and dry 

For as the rain rolls gently down my window 

Tears roll gently down my cheeks. 

Mindy Rubin 

I dance 

leaping with joy and hope 


toward beauty and truth. 
I dance 

in celebration of one soul 


I reflect 

a pattern of singularity 


in its form and its response. 
I reflect 

the supreme work of my creator. 

I am 

one isolated raindrop 


no impression on the solid rock. 
I am 

alone . . . 

I sing 

an echo of all things past 


a bridge for all things yet to come. 
I sing 

in celebration of one soul 


Suzanne Last 

"There is only one child in the world and the child's 

''' name is all children." 

Carl Sandburg 

"It's inevitable," said father as he took a second helping of turkey. His oldest son 
sat listening to his predictions for the coming elections as the girls fed their baby 
brother. "Who else would like more turkey?" asked mother, as usual. 

Suddenly, the baby called out, "I want too, I want too!" 

"He said a sentence!" cried Mother and she ran to hug the bewildered child. Fa- 
ther beamed and his big brother gave him a hearty pat on the back, and then 
suddenly tossed him upon his shoulders. The baby had pronounced a sentence! 
Somehow he had found three lifeless words and put them together to make 
something vibrant; the baby could create. Someday he might be a teacher, a 
statesman — his words might be repeated by a thousand tongues. Someday he 
would be a father and his sons would carry his thoughts. He would goon! 

At the open fire of the bushmen, in front of their cavelike dwelling, sat three fam- 
ilies together as they ate their dinner. The men and boys spoke of the new hunt- 
ing grounds, while Mother gave them second helpings of deer. The family baby 
sat with his sisters who crooned to him and scolded as they fed him. 

Then suddenly the baby called out, "1 want too, I want too!" 

Mother gasped and cried out "Here is man!". She carried the baby over to the 
menfolk. They welcomed the bewildered child with shouts and placed him in the 
seat of honor among them. The baby had shown that he too was a man — creative 
and brave. He had pierced that wilderness of silence and cried out. Someday he 
might be a great chief, a judge — all the people might hearken to his words. 
Someday he would be a father and his sons would carry his thoughts. He would 
go on! 

In a broken down tenement a little boy gazed at a T.V. screen dumbly as he 
munched on some plaster. A picture of a family eating dinner flashed on the 
screen and impulsively the child cried out "I want too, I want too!". 

But no one heard. No one raised a ruckus. He had said a sentence but no one 
dreamed of his future. No one cried out "maybes". The T.V. droned on and the 
child munched silently on the plaster. He didn't know he could go onward. 

: s* n Jt Cilia Ratzersdorfer 

<o 3/30&G& 



Two years of this rotten, dirty war and I was finally going home. Within the hour the jet would arrive at the air- 
field to pick up her passengers — the combat fatigued soldiers anxiously heading for home. As I waited, I saw a 
little child playing in front of me and I tried to imagine, as I had done so often in previous months, the reunion 
with my family. Then suddenly the little boy fell and I moved instinctively to help him as my friend had reached 
out toward me that fateful day. 

... It was our last but most dangerous mission. We were still together then. We were a company of soldiers dif- 
ferent from each other in every way, yet we found a common link in our will to survive. The fireside talks we 
shared were filled with the sincerity that only men in constant danger could feel. We were closer than broth- 
ers. The war had made us dependent on one another. I realized this the day the enemy launched its surprise 
attack. I was shot and couldn't budge from between the enemy crossfire. One of my buddies ran out and 
dragged me to safety. I was saved, but he had been fatally wounded. The only comfort I could find within my- 
self was that I would have willingly sacrificed as much for him . Life was more meaningful to me now for I 
was living at another man's expense . . . 

My flight was announced over the loudspeaker, so I automatically headed for the departure gate. I had in my 
hand my satchel and within my mind, my memories of the war. 

Lynne Grossman 


Big deal! So I've gotta sit in this dumb room staring at myself in 
a dumb mirror. It doesn't bother me at all. As a matter of fact I 
like myself. I even love myself, a little. I can take care of myself 
pretty good. Who needs friends anyway? Friends are just things 
that keep a guy from playin' with his favorite new electric train 
just when he's about to play with it. My friend Billy, is just a 
whole lot of trouble. 

Anyhow, here I am without that sissy, Billy Hawkers, and I'm 
not even a tiny bit lonesome. I'm havin' a really good time in 
here. Gee — twiddlin' my thumbs sure is fun and I don't need 
girly Billy for that. 

This mirror sure tells me lots 'bout myself. I'm gettin' to be a 
big fella. Big guys like me don't need to think about Billy or 
anybody. Nobody's been with me for an hour now. I can even 
play games like — like — like bitin' my nails and rollin' my eyes 
even without Billy. 

'Course if I wanted to play baseball I couldn't do it all alone. I'd 
need to call Billy and the rest of the gang. But who needs 
baseball? I gotta remember that I'm with the big guys now. 
That's why I'm in here. My big boy punch made that squirty Bil- 
ly Hawkers go cryin' to his mommy. 

But gee — maybe I do feel sorry. I mean, just a little bit. After 
all, Billy was my best pal. What I mean is, I couldn't really play 
catch without him. He's not such a bad little kid. Maybe I don't 
like bein' bigger than him. Maybe twiddlin' my thumbs isn't 
such great fun. Maybe I don't like just seein' myself in the mir- 
ror. Maybe I don't like bein' alone. 1 guess a fella does need 
some friends, even like Billy. 

'Mom, can I please come out now?' 

Esther Szmulewicz 

bits and pieces 


Mommy, look at the T.V.! See, all those big buildings fell down just like my building blocks. I didn't know 

grown-up people play the same games. 

Hey Mommy, that's almost how many pennies I have in my piggy bank. I counted 'em all up this morning. 

You know how many I have? 85! Isn't that a lot? 

But Mommy, those men don't look like gorillas. Gorillas are mean and ugly, and they even kill the other 

animals in the jungle! How come that man says they're gorillas? 

Mommy, look! They're playing Cowboys and Indians. Wow! See how they're all fighting with each other? 

It's a great game, Mom. We play it in kindergarten when the teacher leaves the room. Sometimes the girls 

start crying 'cause they get scared. Us guys can be pretty tough, you know. 

Oooh Mommy, that man got a shot too! Remember when you took me to the doctor and he gave me that 

big needle? Boy, did it hurt! Did his shot hurt as much as mine? 

Hey Mom, how come all those people are sleeping on the ground? and in the daytime too! Gee! I like my 

bed much better. Don't you? 

A piece of what Mommy? Mommy? A piece of what? 

Tzipi Scharf 


There is a footprint 
In the freshly fallen snow 
— Civilization is born. 
Rashi Fish man 

They call her "the witch". She lives alone 
at the top of the hill surrounded by ani- 
mals frolicking among the trees. A feeling 
of snug security prevails and many ani- 
mals rest peacefully in the sun. Small, 
large, domesticated, or wild — the ani- 
mals come to her for shelter because they 
are not afraid. They rest because they feel 
secure. She treats them with gentleness 
and kindness. She says she cures them 
with love. It is indeed witchcraft she prac- 
tices. Humans are truly smarter than ani- 
mals — they know not to accept love giv- 
en with no ulterior motive. Pure, un- 
selfish, love does not exist . Then why 
do these animals thrive on it? It must in- 
deed be witchcraft. 
c , — Florence Kalowitz 

The clown walks and smiles 
With his red and painted mask 
Tears fall; no one sees. 
Renee Cetz/er 

The bitterest man 
He had no sorrow, no pain 
And he knew not joy. 
G/7/a Ratzersdorfer 

Stars wink at each other 
The moon flirts with the clouds 
— The night's love affair. 
Pammy Kuflik 

"No Man Is An Island . . ." 
Say It With Animals 

Even the animals 

on Noah's ark were 
assembled two by two. 
Susan Wind 


Cursed by John Donne! That fiendish plagiarist has once again thwarted my 
hopes for eternal fame. I will no longer be silent. I seek revenge. Let the truth 
be known! 

Once upon a midnight dreary, the king came to me and told me of his plight. It 
seemed that his cherished daughter, Princess Zelda, had taken a liking to a 
poor common man against her father's wishes. The king asked me to make use 
of my charms and turn the man into a frog. When he would be in the form of a 
frog the princess would never touch him for fear of contracting warts. Readily, 
I went to work. I prepared the brew and proceeded to search for the desired 
chant. Thinking I had found the proper chant, I uttered the fatal words. 

But lo and behold! I had turned the man into an island, not a frog. In my des- 
peration I began rattling off every chant my blessed teacher had taught me, but 
in vain. The die was cast. 

The king, suddenly finding a patch of green before him and no reptile in sight 
demanded, "You fumbling witch, what dastardly deed have you done?! "Have 
you changed this man into an island?" The fear of being decapitated hindered 
me from telling the truth. Treacherously I answered, 

'No man is an island." 

Ricky Berger 

"No Man Is A Snowflake 


nroa nana 

,T,n nnnn nans -prim mto 'am nwa ."lTan, 1 ? 
.nawn^ imn nx D'yin 1 ? nma pfiN 
nx matoon maa l"""'"^' m« ins naa ny 
'xna -naiB nys^m 5 pipru? '» to yawn 1 ? mm kw 
mz?y»» :(«"^ nau?) xnaaa xtoan msona mato 
naa to 'am'J : * nax -'«»» '^ saiy ins o"ioya 
.nnx hi to naiy 'axwa ntoa minn to 'anatou? 
sa .lmao? paan naxa (niansp Tina 'xaa?) ism 
(torn -nann mix nx iaaa u?pai) ton 'is 1 ? (nam) 
'in -|ton :C-ia^ ton) ti> nax .(wx t»j) ij'T'1 
(-pan 1 ? nwyn x 1 ? T'to 'Trjbw na) mayn x 1 ? inanV 
■uwro) xm xnma nn'xi rf?ia nmi to x\n it — 
."(-urn ns nam i 1 ?) mas "?'T .(sin am'fl 
nan .(t" 1 'b ntop) "D'yawa nnia n'aan nan,, 
nnai naana man nx town mna 1 ? nun msn 
.imx D'yaawai yawn a 1 ? "?v n'topna 
nman nx I'mrf? nton msma na"p ia'a>'a 
ny nnvaa manys; nnwa .mawa npa x 1 ? otoyau? 
y>b» 'V lyma 'm m^n 1 ? mnan u?xn ,tp •» -i" 1 
lyian nsoa yaa nnan msnua .mwjr» nnaiy 
ntoa .yam p'to 1 ? mwinnu? ny u?an V'aa 'Tin'n 
D'mato 400,000 n,nya ,nnaix nxi .v^v P"i 
O'aioma D'Tinm naon 'naa D'nai 1 ? niT&^ii 
n'raton onixa nnx n'yu?na ntoa 1 ? .D'ai,iz?n 
,513b? 1 ? mnnx my© pn nmn-maton 'nsa bh»* 
-to nmn' nao 'naa D'naf? 40,000-a nni' x 1 ? 
anai 1 ? n,ton D'yanx nmxa tinx nnwy pn .D"ai' 
mawa nmn — wta 'nay pam nao n'aa 
nax"a lanao n'33 nnaito nmato tou? ,xxv .niaup 
nyu layu xV atoyau? nwyxi D'myx nxa> inya 
di x'n .nxa n3'sya it na^xft nn3iy .mn' Trn 
'jmnn iirn 1 ? nvnnxm "?iy3 mvb unis n3"na 

'm.n'n nyian ■?© ynaan lam"? nxn 1 ? irto 
anp 1 ?' 'na n'airn miay 1 ? noann 1 ? u'to .npnaxa 
.ninn' 1 ? ns"nx na'3D3 tour nyun nx nmn 1 ? 
n'yiysa pioy 1 ? matn irn' 1 ? W^annw nywa 
rrni3S nvapoy mna ,ni'yispa mma mna ,rrairn 
nx X2 mar: ,mana nyswn mtoa nina ,nno ,ix 
:-li3'na totn umx na'?» 'man toan 
.(t"B noio) "nanpa tb'I nmn 'rxau; xnn D^iyV/, 

np"fln nan 

ton-, nana 1 ? (a"' nawa u pns) ni3.x vna3 
,mto? nnm mto; ams ,p.ns to? Tn'atoa 'in ,naw 
."nniri 1 ? ianpai rn'n3.n nx amx 
•jnann ,inynto; .f^n^xna a"'xin nira nsioa 
dj'x^ D'nin' 1 ? vwnnb tx lanato toan maxa3 ton 
/'.nmn 1 ? ianpa 'irr» ,i'nana .nmnn mna D'anana 
lina,,) naaa o'pinn nnw n"?x to ixa namau? mna 
.(T'bwsx n"?n mna ann nxa "naxw 
iprn ton to; it inxy3 ^anwn 1 ? i:yn'i in' '» 
nx .D"na liann nx ina 1 ? mawa n's 1 ? nwx nao'o5 
xto? nto nx — n'pinnn nx anp 1 ? D'a'aiya iax 
n"n D'» awu7 , 7 nuaninn nn'my:a on 1 ? nan'a 
to? nn'3a nna lanxa nu?im — ianmn mmpaa 
liDpn x 1 ?// 'a manspa nntn 1 ? u'to .mi'nai nutoo 
! .('i nau?a '3 pnfl) ni3N 'pns3 ton 'nsna ,"nato 
nmn anp3 ntonn 1 ? lanaina I'xir? -I'toa pia 
onxn .3BiaV amx nnnn 1 ? naa to nwn n.nna mou? 
.ns'isn nmn nyswnn xau? naaon ntoiai ixto ia's 
myntoi ca'ann nx mns 1 ? mto omp'sxn mnc? 

pxu? nmsia T3 rnan 1 ? nyn 1 ? D'3"n nmn '13 
D'noisn D'aia:n i'ai nnix snp 1 ? mnc?sx dib? naa 
'a to .'aim mam noin iina n's'ybn tb? to 
nx nmn 1 ? anp"? tonwn 1 ? a"ina ni3'B?'3 m^n wanw 
n:m33 an nton D'Tyxn .ni m^n 1 ? i=t xto D'mysn 
on .nnatt^a xto> ,D'toianan r& lawau? mpiam 
nn'to mp'yan m'ysn i3oa xsi» DyD-x 1 ? D'^sna 
an .anxn l 1 ? ms'B; nnaan innn nK nyto .'toa 
n'sito 1 ? n'xn^ n'^aioa nsw 'as .ntox3 D'B?u?aa' 
n'isn nxra nmy .nmnn mxa wn innn nx nto 
nspiz?: n'"?'to; nysirn to? naaon txb? anpoa pn 
mnmx nx na mar 1 ? vp .nannn 1 ? pipm nxa nny 1 ? 
'a pns) "nrniM Qi 1 "W l as va Taxn to» =ton to? 
.(max 'pnss '.n mu?a 
it now lopa mmnn to 'tonai i:naix max 

: mxaan naa nam .D'B>p nni' D'x:na ltosx 
n'u?xna) "inna is?y *wk 2?san nxi« pioo 1 ? ynaa 
,nnE?i D'u?:xn nx m'aa nnnan» : v 'B?n naix en 3"' 
."nixu?y V?'xa ainan orrto' ntoai D'a?:n nm'Sa 
D'ani/, piosni?/ nnaix a"y "t rnnnaoa xnaan 
yimn pnx to' nasa (i '3 'axto) "rva awn 
mx i'a nito? Dwai mto? mim oito? arnxo 

ran us/a max? 

.rnwa o"i3&"n bw amb-n naonDnntr nnxb .omaur 
pfiTpa ,D'nxa bw rPTno'abia mbnpn onw ua 
ins mpa myai ,nnaoa nanmpa ,mnaxn npnaxa 
nao„a naioan 'sb .D'i'nbi D'ianb ,yn' 'nbs 
nnaa nx ibym nmn nbxn ta'asnn ix'ann "nbapm 
ma'wn bw tnyptrb nanpiz; naipna anyan mxnxa 

.baaa mbnan; 
iwyw .nnuDb mn ym u"ni mn mnu ]BT3 
animn bw Dirs: mmoa by .D'pnpn Dy nns t 
nx D'noun inn xb ns dtob .D"iawn ]ins naiub 
'mmb omx inoa nx 'a ,onn'b i-ba:w D'mmm 
-t oirb lyunw mamn nntya onis na© mpmn 
mbnpna en dx ?3 mpmna mbnpna pi xb xompb 
ib'axi "ubina DTT-Doaxa maama rnbcrxa mpinnn 

.X311 1'biaB 

naipn nb'nnnra ,miwn nbiyn nanba mo/ma 
nx D'an cenn' o'myx lia'o maimx nnmb nmu/n 
Yin, *yinb D'b'ayan nvirx nx maynb na cn"n 
(mbxi'b-'nba) 'a mby nxnpi nxin mbyn .bxnfc^ 
train nia'aw ninabi nbu'n brc I'ninn mnab 'a 
nbwaa nnxn xb ,nain'x mb'npa yon mix naw 
anm' mbyb ynaa nnnw m^asnn by nmb maona 
,nxsa3 ,mpin 'nba nnrna /a mby .bxnw nab 
nbiraa no pai vmwai -fawn wds i'a ,xia'x 
nny^n nx mnab na'aon xbir bxnw rwa a-nan 
dj 'xwna win lbya 'a mby 'iwx .naimx 'U'bab 
,D'onani bir onan byi dbx by ,nxwn naipn mna 
lau? ,onbw "pbn neon* by -imb ixn xb ftyu; 
.bxnur> n«b mbyn nbaarr nnn nx iaon^ 
.D"i3w mnaa "imx if T"iy ,ii'»'a ib^sx 
o'a-nxi bxi^ 1 ' runaa onvn nx ions Dnavoan 
yuab urnoau; bysa dtp .D":yn onb'tt nwsab 
.bsn^'a^ 'Jiyrr rn:ia^a mn: man pox 
'a^a mana naao b© axaa o^xsa: onw 'nan 
mxnsa nmn 1 ivb^a n^bira invb .any mna 
onon .D'TUT nii'n nnoia ps "bnani loa^b nayau; 
nn D'airn: mm-i n: , 'naai n°ump 'Br»awi onb 

mbiysb iisoat i:naa anna xbi iiaa iiaya nxn 
n^r: xb ;xbi xb nnrai? D"iatyn pn& o^b mty 
"iiyi m by nayn xb„ jit nbm mxa 

lanpx nan 
dtibb? nno« 

,D"ay mana' mabn ,m\n nawaa) yaip D"aann 
in ."D ,v iaa; imsa nbm mxa ib -px,, ■. ('•> ;n pis 
a^iaiz/n bir nvpn '•xam iTa^n nia'D .vrvyai yn 
n^'ya ivicn mxa -obix .QTiyn nis'bna a^nisa 
.-ivn in baa maiy 
niffya ba mo bipw nnx DiX//i^ dths b"tn 
,D"pQ'" ba»wi ,('i ,x"b pis ,]T)2 ^ii max) "n^'xia 
pns rmnao) "xba obiy n"p ibxa bxni^a nnx vsi 

.('- nawa /T 
D'Tn 1 btt? mxamb ubc? -mDona nooa rx 
nai^a^n .D"iaw ivis msa nrpa nnu^ mb\-pi 
]ins m'ya ,ia'a'a di '3 ,nsiab nbxn mxamn ub 
D'nu? D'as .imsnn baa pisn by nnaiy D"ia^ 
ini nbx D'a'a ^iyn a'ta ;by .i»nna nbx m'yab 

.naxa- iioa 
.wax omax ~'n ov"nv misb nim^ thpx-i r? 
n^xna) "vnx na©: i a// -yiairn vbx nyinir inxb 
nnx onx inn ,w s a •'T'b' 1 nx omax nox ,(T" n'" 
ia uib nx nnmri omx nan ,D'pmn n^aban nyanx 
."vnn« xnpan pii'ba xnpn ,rnx 
caynu? mn'birn nx nnaxa xb'a iran nira 
.nnsa mayira bxniy 'ia nx msi ,n"apn vby 

■.■ ; i«!S'' onxaa bx-w nxxa .bisa ins n\- nr ]vto 
bu? '.aw^n iaiaa pn xb nnnb nnaya xiai ww 
^ .lannn ptaa as nsa an -ins nnaya nnnw 
aiixaa na D^nu; vnir nxaion nyw D"a nboxa 
."n\in inai to nn naya bu» nmxn nxnpb 
bir -mn'irn by nabna nnnsa onaxa nann 
nx msa// nb D'xmp b"tmr D"iaw rns mxa 
.('n xnna xaa) 
ynii 'anb ibnir n'lin ia y^in 'ana n^ya 
irian n'n© "onp'n ji'* '3a»a n^yx nb 1 by av ib 
ny nu;a nf xbw yannf 'an ya^a .nmoxn mas 
"i .mn iai .naa vrnvv n'na baa imx mo^ 

, o'B' may xb .msy noa maoa imx ma yii'in' 
,b"rn 'bnsa nnxs nononn mQjar mnani D'uyia 
■irbir nx nno nirx yir'bx p bxyaE" 'an — iair 
Troa msa dtp .]na mms nmnnir nnan nniry 
.nmxnbi nmn b'ninb nry m n"iair 
T'axnn) nn ]a onnax 'anb "nbapn nao»a 
naii'a .nnsoa D^n bit? by na nirx — (riwxnn 1 
nn'a ibaa nirx d"13EM nyanx by nsioa — nso 
D'nntrm ix'an nbxn D"iaiffn nx .D' 'tp» 'na 
na Dfnn'n omx na diti iia'nn D'n 'ba:b 

rpwsun np'tn .wnnx nan nrrna ayn i>i&w twiwm x'» »r',i "?jw nana 
axa .own now nsnbn pra 'lea 'T 1 ? ma "?iw una 1 ? a^iya D'-nriM ta ^ 
naia'? 1 vtwa tx nwy Vx-wa dts "?d .umara ns' ytov awn omxa i^w rrnn 
ta-urvn n'm d'tss .a'aiwr a?7 ly tx V?y a^iyn "733 o'Twn *ro mV'snn .nmari 
103 ww D'3i .mxyn 'aixVii yaxaa 'jyisa inn^n 1 ? nxix ltyi Vx-iw ni'T» nrw^ 
.nnn'a tyaan naiaV mxosipi nyia msiap nay ptp-pj maim "?aai 
b'tw "fr'sx tow ni'itt^ orra dim nw "ra a"?a rmapa nwaa rmpn 
Tan tub ^Vixttf yon niysaa paay niwin 'aiyan "rman T 1 ? avn anpaaw a'vn-'rfta 
^rron nma^ n^nn"? -niynarr nmni'n naiwn "jw rra^n mw pso "?a t»x .nn^ pia 
nsi mora D'Tn-'n^a d'ut dj D'xn 'aiyan. "jmaa .B'Jax naina irrp nam xinw 
BTTpan "712; >aiiy»n. Swan Tin .n«n roo- ayn nx n-mrpan nwnpn marai "jk-w 
nyrr "?a V» lna'tr? nx mxn 8 ? mrr nan 'xrtn .^w nyV mmxam notowi a^wra 

/onaw '«n? W? "iriK 3^3 *m* WHO, 

nsaiBw rrm 


ThK a?a *wk et^d 

omx naww minn nbapb bx:w >aab naan pya vn maabn nanpi nrmwr 
wwi ...ansa pxa ^w 'aa nxsb »b^ot anna, .amp nab na'aa inna oyb 
x 1 ?! -prr ppba "7n'i« aina yna .(a-x b<" map) nrm iaa bx-ip-> dp jn'i >a'o naia 
oma'a mpibnai mana ivt xb nyp nmxap xnb'aan >sb maoa '"p-i ?oma "iann, 
-™ J™ 1 ? 13' tn axaa ."-rnx aba inx p->xa„ m obia xbx 
vn wan nwa ix nanaa Dnnan maiw ay- a-ipa auw Dmoao ini Daax 
T»n oa .oyn anpa immer wan nx lprnp nmam rnwn nx nmx ia>bi oyn nx 
npa bp irrabn bp inanan nnn D'aawn i\- ,oma mn ypvr> my ba ,nK?r p<na 

T3 nnby mm nyswn .n'Bapn rap onppn iBBi-inn ypim bp una nnx 
na ."npy va'ya -ip\n ni. : iflioa d'bbuwi nsipn by .nrrnn axon rw»T ay na 
xoaa bxiap ,pnnxn tmwn pt bax ,oyn nx mxb itrap o'bdip tap aysa ays 
bxw uap mm nmayn nx monb nab by nanp nnxb D'oavn nx aip inxb mbaw 
n.manx by naann onmxa mnaai nab n nx nay rxa .D'ayaan ]a o'via'a nab 
v ba D'npbsa n t »mri bxw biaaa xab my 12c xbi Dwbsn lyaan, .ompbsn 

.(a" 1 'i /x bxiap) "bxiap 
nwpa ux p ox xbx Dya D"pnnb onia-> lax pxp ,mnaa ,wam laay 'xjip 
liubp '»'a nbxn m-itan jmxan dt>p nx niaip msipna nox p aipa .nmnn nx 
VP Q'Pb up D'xaipn .napn nnra,, opa mmac-a ub nijnnn o'xann <a<ai D'arn 
nppn nyrr aipa pinnn msmn naap na ba .n-nnna inprnn »t by oyn bp iarpb 
xa'py 'anai, o»avn pra iapp ,rran 'aaan rnvra ,m ma .nmnn pai ia'ap raxn 
opn pnp by dpdj nx noab n^aaia nv-bi nnxnnb oyn nx nab - D'xann ?ara 
.Dbiy ly nnnn ba bp ipann ms'si nx nanxan xw im x\n rrnnn 'a 
ay on rrnna Dnmxan d'twto ,bxnp' psaa piay mnrwrm nprnn naiaxn 
.mban msix bab nrsn-p nnxb Da Dya D»pnnb annn mry ,ns: ay ,obiy 
iiayb pyn xb p^x .nmioa nib'npa Dn»nn«na maipa baa nnxnn am pa onapa 
la lasy nx dix x'ST bx abiyb,, : b-tn iaxa 'sb lana -r>am nbnpn maoab pna 
.nnoa na'aoa nnnM u'ayb axip 'xaxy iiobp -\t mb-pb .(a"y cs mana) "bban 
tima .naisy wm hbitx mrw baai iisoa ia inxi baaa iapp mb-pn bp ^maao 
"nixnx yaix iyi„ psyb 10'pm mpy-pp- nxaa nnxn-p pbis mbnp Taoisnn 
nx "nbixa pv nsoa ixn -plan ina "\ .nxr- nanan mnna baa om.Tn nx nvnp 
Dnmxan pbisa onwn bp 'xasyn pobpn na by .mbnp- maoaa oy- bp mnnx 

:b"a- iDD- Tina nxan nxaiana nabb baia mma 
na D-b ,mm ,n'ian napba pnnaa laa t- msix yanxi D'oaisn 
nim 'Bb dix piaybi mapn pnbn -na inabi mabaap bx-iP' ba oispb 
ip dip ->asb xbi D"tay ^n 'asb xb bxnp' pi xa xb obiyai ...n.Ta'y 
D'P'aya w ,D"iay >n 'jsb nib bxip 1 - ia ibn mn ibxi .iban 'asb xbi 
."anns la'a'ix^ D"pb mbna manna imx 

-pain 1 ? "li'ty ,iS'T? .nnawn ^y Dipi^ 1 ? i: 1 ? -hoxt poan x 1 ?^ D'rcm rtf>N D'xaxa 
.n^x Ti'fl'a ixa nu>p nnwn nptxai main naVin nurnan ,nn laiiaxT 1 ? '3 ,onij< 
•\bxvr> *ax ixn irx svt 'a ,iaxw iVcwnaa y-pxa. 'ai "?j? nnaoa D'Tonn 
:nows is rpnn Vw nammn .wan rnwaa niVna bys x 1 ? yna rfrya "?w pi rraa mix 
imx Vjxw ox ntyy n» fwansa y-pxa 'an axi -nVix ."lam nwa tpyi xV» 
,-nya rprp x 1 ? ,nax ,nxr nfatw Vy .mtpy 1 ? iT>a nvro na ^a vna "?ys x 1 ? yna ,m-iaa 

mna^ -my^ na tan^a'aw na "73 niipyV D'ans ,wmn msnsa D'aurrn ,"ux 
nvw ntnn imai nv'ra noiaa -pnjn bioi bn .npixan nunxa n'TWTfi bibi bxiw 

.nytwi nx van: xa bx .troy »Vi. -my 1 ? "irru 
'"?ix .va' "73 in yj nvn^ tyjya vnx nam; rrpn 1 ? laxy 1 ? nam nxi x 1 ? iw r? 
ax ,m*taiT yia'p nx wnnV nan ,'338 TIX "lEfitP : D'nyn "?a 's^a lamnxm natra 

.owpa iijoi D'tmri nxa rfta 

bbk^ rutaw • 
ran mita nans 

^ihn w iw 

,"? 'aax 'nx iawn« : n^xwa pp ray '"• Tiix *7an '«» : pp nx h "?xu? iwxa 
nn"?ina jiwx-in rcrnn nsi ,naawnn nx n^aan /it nnran n*?xwa .('to 'i n'wxna) 
nwrrpn iamin n'wma w mso mnx 1 ? nmnx twi mil' wma xin tw .Tin 1 ? o'jiyn 
."in yaiw nnx ix 1 ? Wan* :^an in ^y /3^~ nda unix la 1 ? 1 ? ,pso x 1 ? 1 ? ,xa 
avnai x.^a ran 1'irrt 'Tiff ^a na^na nnx ax ua — u^iaw naiwsn maiyn 
^aa D'-insan trnx mia 1 ? D'xinx uaxy nx D'wma iax "! 'aax mx naiw ,p« : t^ma 

.ua ysis iV'xa ana yawn bai nxn hisaa yaix 
Disai nman nanx .on amsj 'n"?3 D'awia 'aw — ^xic 1 nanxi Dipan nanx 

.nnn'a 'Tto' rnpy x'n ^xnwa wsa "?a nanx 
/?mw' W>a ^>w la^iya msman ni'yaa paynn 1 ? x 1 ? aix? i 1 ? ran ma D'ays 1 ? 
.n"?pn ima mxn nx n"?'aia na'x nn-'n ,nvix .n^w "n ni'n 1 ? i^ra 1? ^anawa mma 
n'a'ay 1 ? n'yaian D'nann onaw ,nrmn; mwya roana pna'wn Min 1 ? Dnx yaw nnxan 
lanxa nwm-r nnnvi .mpa 1 ? mx paw er^a-i 1 ? nnan mm^a n'^'apa nan 1 ? ms raw 
/ww ^a naiD^ lan^a' ao'aa D'xaxa nwym> n'taisn nrman *?y inn 1 ? nym 
.'T pis p-nnaoa rawan maix "Dmyn xnaa '^awa :iai"? a"n inxi nnx bi„ 
,nmyn xnaa lb'awa ib'xa wain 1 ? a ' ' n inx ^a ax ."a"n,/ x^x "'xan« ]xa naxa x*? 
nViya asan ms'w 1 ? tnoai ,mwiaxn asa iipn 1 ? 'xnnx ^xnwa wx tow ,-ma nn 

.( a xwa xa man) "nn D'nx ^xiw "?a„ .nnn'n 
^wa 1 ? .iaay nnVmai 'jsmn mioaa ,i"ana u'pia nmnn nianyn *?w inpyn 
pn 1 ? u'^y mv\v nwa .mna 'pya pyi^ -inx 1 ? ,iwaya , 7xiw 'aa ^aiv ,yt^in'a nsioa 
nnsan ^rfroaa an'm'uo ^y amx Tntn 1 ? ux a'a"ina oa ia .on 1 ? -nty 1 ?! ia'nx *?y 

.^xi^' Vna ]iox yua 1 ? lya 1 ? ,D'aion D'wyam 
pnoa D'xann "ry 'vt'W .nmnn maiyn nspn^a ytn mow n^snn Vaa oa 
aunn nasn 'a /"mia ,'naE-x« jx^i 'iai "ianaa ,iaawx» : nnaix iax .a'ai pw'ja 
.yiaa 1 ? a"n n'nw vy^a'n vxon 1 ? ,Tn' ^>w iirarunrrt nv-inxa x^taa laxy nx 
'E 1 ? ,D'ai ]W^a la'aiann nx D'yaa iax n"apna D'am n'wpaa laxi^a oa 
nyaia nxion nwpaa jitk na -'7'sn iV'sx .m^snn ]Ujoa Vrn lyaoa' yauan 

.'"axsi// x 1 ?! "laxsi/, : D'an iiw'pa mwy naiawa 
D'Taa D'saxa mna wyaw nimys 'ry^i nys ^a 'jy D'xsia iax iaay nnmna 
,nnva mpimn msnxa "jxiw m"?'np nam 1 ? maiw ntsixa o.TJ'naai D'twn '-p Vy 

.^xnu;' nsa awn naiB 1 ? -nn'ai 
oy nn'a ,na'"?wn' 'naa ision xmy nVy mw nsa bxnwa mm nnanoawa 
niinn muy nx •Ttnn'? n'^sn xiry .asan nx lpn 1 ? 'na ,iiya wx mxa iram n'rx 
'Ta riby vsaxa 1 ? nmni nman iwica -'ana n^y ia nnx rraw mwy-D'nwa .nawT 1 ? 

.D'Vwit main nx maa 1 ? D'mn'n 
.^a'n nsa nman mmn aiwn nx mywa mnm my D"aann 
D'wna ,a"? yasi 'jrun pinwn ,D"non e"x iot h yaa ,nnwywwn nxaa 

.■maana micp nowa maiw manaa 
n'rwaan Vy yewnV tnai 1 ? 1 ? anooaxa 'rxnw p nwaa n yoa ,mwyyawn nxaa 

.n'^aaxa wnna awnn"? nmn' 1 ? nwinw 
.nayna m n'j'Vy ^ban pwaia omnwi 'wxt 'ry nxma naao nsm 1840 nau?a 
*fms, 'mmn 'xanan ay nn'a ni'soaia nwa /- i iwn nmra nma npimn n^aaxa 
.maa D'm.T nann i^x'a Dmanynn'? mmm nsnsa ,mana 
nwa mm'a man nxi nsimx anyaa D'mn'n la'inxnn ia nnx nan* anwy 
naio 1 ? naisy n'aia'n nmys oai n'a'ia nmys nnn'D nxtn mann ."onan 'rxnw ^a^ 
■?w nasa ms'w 1 ? nann nann mann .m'nmx nviat nbap x 1 ? piyw mraa nmn'n 

.mai mxnxa D'-nmn 
na O'^aion D'lin'n naiDVi "7xnw na'~a nam 1 ? la'a'a nann D'^yia u'na 

.niraa maiw mxnxa avn 

?pw> roinna ^ 

nw nxaa mns .a'an n'npa inp 'atp ma 'B'3 bj 
mxaxy nx nxabi anpan ns nnab W'bxn B'aaanip nnxb 
riai'p nnn ,b3ioo'nxi aiapmn ,a'nxn nanba mnn ,nmn' 
,nni,iB amaa btp wbi nrpoa Tnai nniaiv nnan btc 
Ta» iioaan .nbun nx nimba a'nxn 'i'y nx miuo mown 
x'axab nnn mnipsx in: ,B'xaiatpn ynra baioB'nxi siapmn 
vniarjib ay mnnb ,bxniP' pxb nmoa tPibsb oi'sms 'sarin 
on'nss nx ixyi n'wann .tpnpan nx ^nbn na'biPiT a'xaon 
lisa mstpb nnix iasm nni^ nms lynp ,min' pxa 
ba by Iibx ,xiB'x ,no'an a'nxn nanba .aaiobip nystpnb 
nm iiabip biy ncayn /ps'pyai ,tpnpan bibnb nana ,pxn 

.mi.T by 
,vrn": roia .'atp n'3 pmnb ai nana Ban nxatp 
Bbbaaip ssapnai xxap by nmisan msaa xnaan nanxa 
ns vatntp B'biPin' 'vipya n'tpya n»ya .B'biprc nsnn 
itt nx a: ramb ibtp ipatpb n'tpyn nax .nnipab l'i'T 
xai(p n'n Tipynip xxap'na nx ipaip.n yam myoa .xxap 
nx nntpan bys iptj ,in'33 ysin xxap"i3ip nnxb .mis 
'asb xxap-na ynnn .manan ba layaa 'ixn 'nb3n mixn 
ba mxxw nx ib abipb ib'sx yxm mix tP"3' xbip Tipyn 
ba> maa by on Kb ,1'aunnb ab bip xb n'tpyn nx .nnipan 
xb xxap-na aya .in'aa ix'xn.m ira mix osn ,xxap _ n3 
naya imx3 imp a'lanan ba by ax 'a nnipan bya by pn 
'asb B'mn'n by yipbm ra .n'tpyn b<p nca ina xbi 
'Bipvtp yaxn yn'a na'pntp na 'ia iy Dnain ibJbin.i .icpn 

.Tyn ns a^innb o'bnni maaa D'btbia n^bifiT 
rrna'an nnx bts> nmrisn nobsna nbsn onain ypT by 
Dca b"s; pip pan pnx 1 amas ann b» TTabn ansoaty 
,bxitt"a bis ba aana Nin yna ,ays lms ibw : aai 
b"ixt nrK anuninn bbiatp nbx m aa amx sin yna 
.b^aNB'a Bin naraa btraxi^ auia,, : ain anb my .ma an'b 

."Bin nNwa ,nb'>n 
nnnsnip maTbi nayn p batpn iaia nabb UTpon 
'an .bsnB" n'a ba laiy vbyw tbm an u:naa aibtpm 
n»pn naiyan pirnb nany an uaxy rab irra Bib^i ayii 
baa iinais ba bn 'a bx-w una pn xb maiy na» 
.Bbiyn ba aib^b a^iaon riK T3J 1 bxiE"3 aibwn .nisienn 
naT3 ,11'mma ba T.a'bi minx Tinai n'Tffl nanx T>na 
nbixjb' .a'a'n n'lnx inn arpb .a'bna anBib awn mtys 
nabtsn n'bwiTa ,aib»n Ty3 «npsn n'3 T>J3bi nabr 

.pxn '.t id ,px ,ii'»'a rnnaa ,nbn by miam 

t^B^xn nnaty 
Tie mt» njtyr^ 

'ix'ib lrar inx ixa .unDipn nN dt'skb anai 'i» 
nub nnnsnai rmis: nbiyn bxn»' raia naipna njw 
nx i]3b3 Taxa np'ny,T,iTyxn nrion bip nai'p Kbs .u'j'ji 
B'B'b ubi» ri'sxrii .n^an fiX'Bbi nabtpn nbuub pxaxn 
,xm "nanba ny nab' »bi 3nn 'U bx 'is san xb„ ana iipx 
sw ixai .ibia abiya mipi:xn b» nnp'yn mpnn ,ai->a 
ainn onbi lbia abiyn by fia"xa nann n'abiy nanba niaB 
fiibiaa T,-nxb i:mi3y fix mcyb inn 'b3 ywjm naDnnan 


.iByna npb mabb 'ixnn ia ,na nvaa naiaa 'B'3 
jpn mbxcn fibxci ,abiyn by ]3mn xi3b vn biby© b'bib 
b"Tn lbxip nan nbxtPtt' n^arnb 'Nia ,"? na byi nab» 
.a"y 'o it xai'a xnain n3i nam anyaa 
: 13 vnip anan ntpbrc 'isa ? snn na 'jsa iiipxn wipa,, 
ime» .^c enpa b3x .B- , aTfiia , 'Bipi mnyibn mrnnav 
'jsa ? ann na 'ibb ,B'ian mb^an nnxaai nmna D'poiy 
uia aan nxiw nbip»w niabb , a a n n x a ip la nirntp 
."B , Brni3''Btpi nmyiban mrmias : mnay ipbip 
BbbJBip onain ntPbipa ai ni lann 'ipb ,bnan lanyxb 
.'atp n'3 3nna nbbJ3ip aan nxatPB aai ii^xn n'3 3ina 
,anpnan abiya aipa nb tx ry fi'xnabtp ,mi-nr,3y ib'sx 
nbyifiB bibia lamn .nmx na»3bT mix notps ,n3n btp maxb 
riTiBia m'103 .B"n3ip nnann nbyinn nx 3'ipnai fi'amnn 
fiTb'bxn fixoana a'bun rmiaynn nnx nsmai naiaab 
"nia'BiPi mny-'iba bip mnayn by ysxnb nnva .n'anman 
B'yiT B'nann .miajn bito bip Bnaab ia'B'3 ljpanp b'bt 
.nbs a'a'aya rnxnb T,mx pxi 
Bmxsm amn bas B'obBna nbxn B"ip'bn ypn by 
mnn nx na'ipnan nabjpni nmnon nnn'n bip B'bx'Txn 
B'i'yip 'a pn .nvtpya nnxa ai'pai nmn3 'lea 'Tb nxan 
btp nnnrrix . n l y ' a x n naa ny y>y xb ,n»T xbi ib 
maisnn 'a'a nyip,Tix ipaa naan naa nnx by x'.n ,rm.T,n 

in ,'aip n'3 snna abbaB^ B'nx nanbai aan nxatp 
.b3.m vp 'B'3 ,B'aianp B'a'3 nxiya in'tpxntp mp'ny niysm 
Tnx nipx -pax O'aa Ban nxaip btp nnpa ba ,U'B' nyi txb 
mxman mnayn ipbtp ib'sx .a'xan ninnb nnnrx mx nvnb 
bip nxxin ,nyn' maa vn .ptpxn n'3 bip pmnn nx ianiip 
.nabtp bip ima nnx ayanm ay3i' ra nxnsip npibnan 
motPBnnb bj xbx nabaan npibnb nana pn xb nxrn npibnan 
TX ny nnay nam nnsy naai .bxniP' 'aa anpa mi mny 
.niyiT nnan nixxinm ,«|io 

?*1K to 


nyaia (s"' man) main ? Dorian D'anan iv an^n 
fioxn ?y V7"B8 ononx nanoa man D'anonw nynn 
Dn? rpnw* ,inn 'aa? h iaxn »"? '3 naawa mprc 
."ltppa X?1 DTI ?y bwj wpa? 
'n? rmnoa-// p-ios? wnaa ma?a ' v m 
D'7an ?y Ttpanw ,(rra tra onai) 'iai "ia''p?K 
?k-w> 'aaw nywa 'a rana "ia'aa?i ia? nf?aa»m» 
iirya ^n^y "ino/i D'nj to njnatwi nx o,T?y ifrap« 

/innnx ?y maw? r^jn imfra P'taxa ?*w Dy 
rr>Ti oyt: T , ay'? d'tw Damn? a?i?aip o'a'an nyanx 
namtp iaay 'as ?b> D'aion nya-ix nx jrvra o^aoa 
nyanx .D'aia D'tryai nmn namaa nt? m O'rw 
nma D?i3w ny nana? D"im nam ato» D'a'an 
D'aiwn D'aiorr nyam ?a miasm .-paan 'T>3 
nanan nx rrwan s'n ,nnx nmax7 nnni'n anparc 

.tew ay ?y 
na ox '3 tasy 1 ? pn x? ami? a^n 'Tin' to 
,miro 7ma ??a m ,"moa iy-]7 nansv '3 ,n7iT? 
,a ' » a m aian ,D'pten: D7s .sa'py 'an 'Taia 
man 1 ? nny kwbd Tm'aa la nprwa msn snaa iaw 
.n'pinnm D'anpn 
to"? nry 1 ? nainn n7Dia ,npnos 'Ti»T ,ia'?j? 
nvyaa ]'y D'?yn? iaV mox .air an -li^xa la^ns 
?w ix dtsh ?w max 'ia ianon7 ia 1 ? mos .Warn 
mxis 73a D'Tifrn 737 a-tsi7 n^y .lan^np 
nu/p nnaw mxnsa d'jipim htx? invaai nn'niama 
l'x .orn? D^aaxa d'tivto 'aaisa nvn7 laay 'aaV 
laxixa D'aarpn wurt wan 1 ? ia'?yo? nmy?' myw 
.mm7iaa ?y nV'Vi oar B'Tsawm rwnpn 

?nan xtdh xtn Disrt .aau?a tis' xin dix- 
nytfB ,D?nK .ixma D?xa xiaa kvt .nxnan 'K?sa» 
p dx X7X 'ttnax ovp iarp tx ima ov lyi im'? 
nnan? sin pipr iirvna yaua .mann rnaoaa 'n xini 
niTna ?^ axaa a^prin 1 ? ^a 1 xin pxi na'^a? n^ixa 
ni'fi aio X7>/ :i'?y naxa ,Dixn xnaa Txa .mana 
,mann ?tt? nsa 'n"?a p?n xin aixnir ivaa 
nias? TH'n ?tt? n'Trnrr ninnx? nyiia nw rna'^n 
xunai o"ien oa npT 1 Wan xona .-prr? Tiasn ?w 
n?iai xDin inx "7XTE"// .niaiW ?3 Diwn TTTii 
.('t nan xtp'I) "D'^'ana 
Ty D^D'aya na ows iTixir 1 ? Dipa ur> -asya 
nVxiff 1 ? naii^nn nx ? rn'fT xan? mnnxn nx naxn 
nasy^a mnorr nsny nVay nunsn xisa? ?3ia it 
nanpn T>yn ?^ d'obhwh D'aptn .aawa nota pis 
i3sw x? la'Tv rya^n? D'a^n ,mira xxaa^ ^n? 
,mix3T .('i x"3 onai) "ixn s? la-'a'yi wn Din nx 
ryn lapru? iaa? Ty rty 'ai .mna it nyu^ rrxna 
it n?xi2? "?y naiy '-"un ?nn'S*ia D'Tict rpoBton 
D'apTn D'ansna it nyi3ira .ra ntaios xnaam 'B? 
."rpT? x?3i maita x?a wiutobi ima-'sn x??>/ : Tan 1 ? 
D'yana T'yn ?w D'DBwm D'apTn xpn^ nanoa 
D'ansn oy nn^a on '3 ht xsia opua *\r\T\vr\h 
Ta'nn naa D'yi^s ytaa 1 ?! nmn oyn nx la 1 ? 1 ? D'a 1 ^ 
.nan? dix ]'ai oipa? dix i'a^ mixa? 
annn .D?pa ny raya ma?? ?aia nan -at 
nanaa) "?nan inan ma iy» D?pa Tya Txi^a naawa 
bv ima? D'Dsa rww? D'D.?aan vn piaa .(n"3 n"? 
'a ptd maaa nawan mom — p'B?i ,?nan insn 
mo3i "'na an? a'psoa D'ana bw nn'mait* vn — 
n-nn-i rrwp na? .«wb on'aa ?y i^sn 1 x?^ 'na 
nsipn ny aawa D'amnn *fb nmnw nsipn nx 



,inon »ntoa tu n^y 

.^"aur aiVy Tra 

pTn ri'Vu TO rv IK 

.Vxi irna nana 

>■? narcna inx idid 
,]n s TJN TIK 

-ixs ma mia m is 
.in yaw yaw 

,«r 3313 DTK ^aV 

.prw nywV V»npan 
.m-ia K2X3 ,nnV?o»a n'aaiaa 

,•»» na 'axy 1 ? 'ixtpa 
UpVbs urna - umx is 

l«n naw 





Seated Left to Right: B. Neumark, J. 
Schindelheim, D. Krieger, K. Gor- 
don, R. Landau, A. Cohen, D. Eis, G. 
Epstein. Standing: R. Snaps, R. Car- 
rey, E. Krumbein, R. Neumark, E. 
Pretsfelder, E. Bendheim, J. Ber- 
nath, L. Humes, J. Weitzen, R. Fried. 
Not Show: M. Eckstein, D. Wind- 
wehr, E. Leistner, F. Sobel, Z. Mir- 
sky, S. Ginsberg. 


Executive Council: 
S. Bergstein, Secre- 
tary; S. Last, Presi- 
dent; M. Grunber- 
ger, Vice Presi- 
dent; E. Strauss, 


Seated Left to Right: C. Isaacson, D. 
Krieger, C. Laub, M. Herzberg, A. 
Rothenberg, M. Wiener, A. Parsons, M. 
Getzler, J. Murciano, S. Leibler. Stand- 
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Bergmann, E. Cutler, F. Singer, A. 
Kobre, D. Muschel, A. Schindelheim, 
M. Stern, F. Kalowitz, R. Fishman, D. 
Lax, B. Cohen. Not shown: S. Rapps. 



Art Staff: Pammy Kuflik, Rachelle Salb, Renee Getzler, 
Art Editor; Mrs. Levinson, Art Advisor; Rebecca Appel, 
Renee Berger, Sharon Neumark. 

Cilia Ratzersdorfer 
Ass't Editor-in-Chief: 
Esther Krumbein 

Literary Editors: Emily Friedman, Susan Scharf . 

Hebrew Editor: 
Esther Szmulewicz 
Ass't Hebrew Editor: 
Anna Haberkorn 

Biographers and Historians: Row!: S. Last, S. Scharf, E. Friedman, F. Sobel. Row 2: R. Salb, B. Bom- 
stein, T. Reich, P. Fuchs, P. Schindelheim, S. Smith, R. Appel, E. Offenbacher, M. Stern, R. Eskolsky. 
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Typists: Susan Smith, Sara Greenfield, Susan Adler, 
Hannah Geller, Rochelle Besserglick, Esther Strauss, 
Sharon Neumark, Marcy Perl. 

Business Managers: Malki Wadler, Phillis Schindelheim. 

We would like to thank our art, our Hebrew, and our English ad- 
visors for their guidance in making this yearbook a reality. Special 
thanks to Rabbi Perlman, school librarian, and to Dr. Eltas Schul- 
man, librarian of the JEC, for their cooperation in supplying 
source material. 


Seated Left to Right: A. 
Kobre, D. Shapiro, M. 
Wiener, F. Baer, Mr. Steif, 
Advisor; S. Bergstein, R. 
Appleton, C. Mamlak, S. 
Meyer. Standing: S. Stav- 
sky, R. Fishoff, E. Prets- 
felder, S. Rudoff, J. 
Wertheimer, A. Liebman, 
E. Grossman, M. Grunber- 
ger, F. Singer, M. Isbee, ). 
Yazersky, S. Chesner, 
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Row 7, Left to Right: S. Last, B. Bomstein, M. Stern, G. Ratzersdorfer, S. 
Rockoff, M. Perl, H. Lander. Row 2: F. Kalowitz, P. Kuflik, R. Salb, B. 
Rumain, E. Szmulewicz, Mr. Steif, Advisor; T. Reich, President; R. Fried, 
Vice-President; B. Pomerantz, E. Schenker, F. Walfish. Row 3: P. Fuchs, 
A. Ackerman, S. Scharf, A. Haberkorn, S. Smith, R. Getzler, E. Offen- 
bacher, Secretary-Treasurer; E. Krumbein, R. Appel, E. Friedman, E. 
Strauss, A. Steinlauf, R. Besserglick, M. Rosenstock, L. Jakubovits. 


Front Row, Left to Right: F. Baer, B. Ru- 
main, G. Ratzersdorfer. Bacfc Row: C. 
Charner, B. Bomstein, E. Krumbein, R. 
Salb, captain; S. Last, R. Appleton, J. Beck. 



Seated Left to Right: J. Murciano, E. 
Pretsfelder, M. Rosenstock, M. Plu- 
chenik and A. Steinlauf, Editors-in- 
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Standing: G. Ratzersdorfer, R. Get- 
zler, M. Isbee, C. Kinderlehrer, R. 
Fishoff, R. Weinfeld, D. Neiss. 

Seated Left to Right: F. Wal- 
fish, Editor; Mr. A. Steif, Ad- 
visor; F. Sobel. Standing: S. 
Smith, R. Fishman, R. Salb. 


Seated Left to Right: S. Stavsky, F. Baer, 
Mr. Steif, Advisor; M. Wiener, E. Weiss- 
man. Standing: K. Nass, R. Gershon, S. 
Bergstein, H. Charner, J. Beck, F. Walfish, 
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Standing: D. Windwehr, Z. Huhenberg, G. Ja- 
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Seated Leftto 
Right: D. Myerow- 
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Levy, S. Last, S. 
Chesner, E. 

Standing: C. Charner, 
S. Scharf, M. Stein, C. 
Ratzersdorfer, M. 
Rubin, Debating 


Seated Left to 
Right: M. Hartman, 
K. Nass, C. Lang, S. 
Ma li nowi tz, R. 
Fried, D. Dambor- 
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Standing: L. Jakubov- 
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Clockwise Center Front: C. Lamm, T. Engelhardt, B. Eisenbaum, E. Cum- 
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R. Carrey, P. Levine, S. Leibler, R. Kornfeld, A. Besdin, Captain. 


Left to Right: D. Myerowitz, R. Levy, C. Lamm, B. Eisenbaum, M. Stein, C. Weinman, F. Sobel, Captain; M. Cross, A. Ackerman, 
E. Bendheim, J. Stobezki, C. Rapp, H. Englard. Not shown: R. Potashnik. 


Counterclockwise: L. 
Humes, E. Pretsfelder, 
R. Neumark, P. 
Schwerd, J. Schindel- 
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D. Goldschmidt, S. 
Rudoff, E. Strauss, 
Captain; E. Offen- 
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Counterclockwise: N. 
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C. Lang, M. Cetzler, R. 
Baum, R. Coodfriend, 
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stern, S. Wind, Gleich- 
er, A. Piller, M. Herz- 
berg, H. Markowitz, 
M. Bernstein, S. Kos- 
low, C. Glicksman, D. 
Lander, D. Zelinger, B. 
Cohen, D. Rubin. Co- 
captains: Susan Wind 
and Zipporah Mirsky. 


Sealed Left to Right: S. Scharf, R. Berger, S. Wind, T. Reich, P. Fuchs. Standing: E. Pretsfelder, M. Schwe- 
bel, C. Lamm, J. Grundman, A. Geliebter, E. Offenbacher, S. Ginsberg, leader. 


Clockwise: M. Ladenheim, Leader; A. Kobre, Leader; M. 
Weiner, J. Schindelheim, E. Manheim, M. Perl, T. Wirtheimer, 
C. Charner, P. Kuflik, J. Greenberg, C. Einleger, R. Kornfeld. 

Clockwise: M. Ladenheim, Leader; A. Kobre, Leader; R. Korn- 
feld, P. Schindelheim, A. Schindelheim, E. Offenbacher, M. Gran- 
berger, E. Gumpertz, S. Ginsberg, A. Kaminsky. 



f£ * 




-jrraa rrrtns 

m "vffiHH mar did 

^ '",#" 

Down with skirts! 

Mirror, mirror on the 
wall . . 


To Our Darling Daughter 


and All Her Classmates 

May you have many more years 
of health, happiness, and success. 

Mommy, Daddy, Debbie, Elazar, Yaffa, and Schnoppsie. 

. tip man *?Dn nrrtsm nain .nn ^m 


Babi and Zaidy 

Aunt Fagey and Uncle Albert 

Aunt Roslyn and Uncle Chaim 

Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Al 

Aunt Esther and Uncle Louis 

Mr. and Mrs. M. Essrog 
Mr. and Mrs. I. Markowitz 
Mr. and Mrs. I. Shachter 
Mr. and Mrs. M. Srulowitz 


"Boy do I wish there were "What do you boys have 
cots in Central." against us Central girls 

& I 



Whaddyu mean I'm a 
Russian spy? 

I only gave away half the 

Congratulations to 


May You And Your Classmates 
Go From Strength To Strength. 

Union National Building 
Wichita, Kansas 

All this fora Din 

Oh where, oh where has my lit- 
tle dog gone? . . 

I found my ruler. 

May we have one last 



Mother, Adena, Moshe and Elli 
Grandpa and Grandma Bunim 
Uncle and Aunt Amos E. Sarah 
Uncle and Aunt Joel and Judy 

T* J 

Just because you're a We gotta stop meeting like 
Kalah . . . this. 

]hkj7 mm lamia^ 

and Thank-you: 
for the warmth with which you taught us, 
for the love of Torah and Am Yisroel 

you instilled in us, 
for showing us the ways of a true 

Ayshes Chayil. 

.V-ms?' rnnn *?y nrmnn -jnystfm "p7»rrt> »3tjii 


Okay, you don't have to change today 
but please — put away the gun. 

Mazel Tov 


On The Occasion Of Your Graduation 

Mommy, Daddy, and Michelle 

And Aunts & Uncles: 

Recha and Eric Rosner 

Edith and Dezso Goldner 

Carl Steinlauf 

Charles Goldner 

Miklos Goldner 

; ^. -;''.//-/ .:''■ 

Congratulations To Our 
Darling Daughter And Granddaughter 


And To The Class Of 70 

May you have themm 
to build a better world 


Mr. and Mrs. B. Padawer 

Mr. and Mrs. M. Ratzersdorfer 

Joseph, Charles and Naftali 

Where will it all end? 

"Boker Tov, hayom yom sheshe 

?n» , ?in riR »a *?? 

?ji»^in nic »n Vy 

Mazel Tov And Best Wishes To 


And All Her Friends 

Her loving parents, grandparents, 
aunts, uncles and brother. 

Mazel Tov And Best Wishes To 


And Her Classmates 

Mommy and Daddy 

Sylvia and Heshy 


Aunt Hanchi, Uncle Miki, Si ma and Hershy 

Irene, Al; Herby and Stewy 


#*■ ~~% 

Hail, Lilker. 

Does she or doesn't she? 


Hi there, Mr. Schiff. 

We understand each 

Compliments To 



Mommy and Daddy 

With Love To 


Mazel Tov 

Robin and Avi 

Eva and David 

i Cutting is easy for a pro. 

Forty pages down and 
three hundred to go 

On behalf of the faculty, I would 
like to present you 

The Thinker. 

Don't jump! It's 
four year sentence 

only a 

Whatever you undertake, do it with all your heart and soul. Always be courteous, 
discouraged. Beware of him who promises something for nothing. Do not blame 
for your mistakes and failures. Do not look for approval except the consciousness 
your best. 

— Bernard M. Baruch 

Fondly to our 


on her graduation 
Mother, Dad, Benjamen 

never be 
of doing 

Congratulations to 


and her classmates 

Congratulations To 


A. Cohen and Sons Corp. 

27 West 23 Street 
New York, New York 10010 

Best Wishes to 


and to 


Samuel L. Scher, M.D. 

An oldie but a Goldie. 



Lots of good luck and 
success for the future. 
May all your wishes be 
fulfilled for the good. 

Love And Kisses, 

Daddy, Mommy, Harriet and 

Compliments Of 

Mr. And Mrs. Tobias Heller 

Rachel Leah And 

Deborah Sarah Heller 

Mazel TovTo 


All City Poultry Corp. 
Simon And Werner, Inc. 

Uh, well the reason we 
didn't meet the deadline 

was . . . 

Up two points for Stahl's Gum Co. 

Bracha V'hatzlacha 
To Our Daughter 


On Her Graduation 

Mom and Dad 

Best Wishes To 


Unc, Aunt Shirley and Family 

Best Wishes To 


Hilltop Restaurant 
770' West 181 Street 
• kew York, N.Y.. 10033 

Freeze Tag. 

Reb Wadler officiating. 

Mazel Tov And Best Wishes 
To Our Daughter And Sister 


Rev. And Mrs. H. Rockoff 
Elaine And Jonah 



Stanley H. Kaplan 
Educational Center 
Prepatory Course for S.A.T.'s 
1675 East 16 Street 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11229 



You are a she and your name is 
Caryl. We ought to know be- 
cause we remember you as a 
small kid. 

Your cousins 



A§ i 

Who wanted with cream? 

I don't know — ask Dolia. 


Mazel Tov and many loving 
thoughts to our daughter 


Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Ackerman 
Norman and Grandparents: 
Mr. and Mrs. Max Ackerman 

Best of Luck to our 


and her classmates 

1J>»T nvya >3n rm nn"?xn 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wind 
Sholom, Ira Debra, Robert 

Best Wishes to 


Dr. Harold Whitehill 
762 Third Avenue 

New York, New York 
MUrrary Hill 8-5192 


To our 


On her graduation 

May she go from 

chayil to chayil 

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gottesman 

Wanted: for excessive attendance. 

Dr. and Mrs. Louis Fried 

Mazel Tov 


Mommy and Daddy 

Yakov and Esther 

Dvora and Mike, Judy and Laurie 

Mimi and Shlomo, Michael 

Zippy and Zev 

I'm only borrowing it. 

Congratulations on 

your graduation and 

scholarship. We are very 

proud of you. 


Aunt May and Uncle David 

Cousins Mike, Barbara, Robert 

Congratulations to our dear 


and her classmates 

May you always have 

"Brachaand Hatzlacha" 

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Fuchs 

and Family 

And remember, never get in the back seat. 

A moratorium. 



Jewish History with American 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes 


Mommy and Daddy 
Marian and Joel 

With love and best wishes to 
our daughter 


and her classmates for a happy, 
healthy and successful future. 
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Geller 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes 
to our dearest 


We are very proud . . 
Mother and Dad 
Tami and Chuck 


Your mission, should you de- 
cide to accept it . . . 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to 


Mommy and Daddy, Jerry 

Daniel Solomon, M.D. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sandor Goldenberg 

David Mark 

Mr. William Solomon 

Mr. and Mrs. Israel Brahm 

Madell and Roberta 

Mr. and Mrs. Naftali Jakubovits 

Mr. and Mrs. Arye Weingarten 

With Best Wishes to 


and all her graduating 

Equitable Lumber Corporation 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to 


Upon her graduation 
Mommy, Daddy, Ruthie 

No, ding-a-ling, we're back 

And then when the teacher Can't you see I'm doing my 
gets nasty exercises? 

Mazel Tov to 


Mr. and Mrs. S. Feder 

Mazel Tov and 

Best Wishes for future 

success to our dear daughter, 


and her classmates 

Best Wishes to 


for a successful future 
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Offenbacher 

Getting high on Physics. 

Mazel Tov to a lovely 
niece and cousin 



Gloria, Eli, Monita, 

Lee Ezer, Gena Golda 


To our daughter and niece 


Mazel Tov to you and your 

classmates — It's only the 



Mom, Dad, Irv, Harvey, 

Aunt Ellen, Uncle Ezriel, and Stanley 

And I thought Central girls 
were exciting. 

Well you see officer, it hap- 
pened this way 

Okay, okay, I'm going. 

Best Wishes to our daughter 


and to our sister upon her 


Mr. and Mrs. Paul Eis 

Arthur and Debbie 

To our 


With love and pride, good 

wishes for continued success 

Your Grandparents 


Best Wishes to 


Dr. M. Maurice West 

Best Wishes to 


on your graduation 
Interstate Photo Supply 


Best Wishes for future success 

and happiness. 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Alpert 

Robert, Karen and Lisa 

To our darling daughter 


Mom and Dad 

Best Wishes to 


and her classmates 

Modern Builders Supply Co. 


Mazel Tov to our dear 


and her classmates 
Mom and Dad, David and Debbie 

Mazel Tov to our dear niece 


and all her classmates 

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Lewinter 

Karen, Mark and David 

/ * 

It's the old pen in the shoe 

Study by osmosis. 

Happiness is an ice cream that 
doesn't drip on your paper. 

Would the real Mrs. Posner 
please stand up. 



"When you work you fulfill a part 
of earth's furthest dream, assigned 
to you when that dream was born ." 

Uncle Herman, Aunt Ray, Rachel 
and Danny 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to 


and your classmates 

upon your graduation 

Wishing you Success and Happiness 

in all your endeavors. 

Good Luck — Daddy, Mommy, and Shmuel 

Mazel Tov to 


Kenneth Spetner, C.L.U. 


7755Carondelet — 

St. Louis, Mo. 63105 

Congratulations and Best Wishes to 


and herclassmates 

upon their graduation 

Mom, Dad, Sydney, Sheila, and Danny 

Love and Best Wishes to 


and the Class of 70 
Mommy and Daddy 

May you have much 
happiness in life. 

m?'n ism 1 ? 
Tail ^22 'rn^xn 

\2"\V *??& 

Mazel Tov on your Graduation 


With Best Wishes for a Happy Future 
The Kaminskys 




and Best Wishes of Mazel Tov 

for evergoing success. 


Aunt Carla, Uncle Arthur 

and cousins. 

An apple a day keeps a maide- 
leh nearby. 

Ouch! My girdle's killing me! 


Anyone claiming size 32? 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes 
to our grandaughter 


Mr. and Mrs. David Lander 
Rabbi and Mrs. M.J. Shragowitz 



Congratulations on the event of 

your graduation 

B. Sokolik 

Our Sincere Best Wishes to 


Rabbi Solomon and Bertha Shoulson 
Riverside Memorial Chapel 



Good Luck and Best Wishes 
Etti and Shlomo 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to 


Mrs. Pomerantz and Leon 

Israel, please. 

You have a little sister, maybe? 



Congratulations and 
Lots of Success in the Future 

Uncle Max and Aunt Annie 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes 
to our daughter and sister 


TheSchindelheim Family 

To our own 


Daddy, Mommy, Alexander, 
Yossie, and David 

With Best Wishes 

Dr. and Mrs. Arnold 

In Loving Memory 

My Beloved Wife 

BillieL. Rossant 

Just this much above my knee 
and . . . 

Somebody has to hold up the 

Portrait of a married man? 


Congratulations to my niece 


Mr. Nathan Beim 

Congratulations and Best Wishes to 


Love, Dad, Mom, and Jay 

Congratulations and Good Luck 
to our nieces 


Family E. Hausman 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes 
to our favorite baby sitter 


Paul and Michael Ratzker 

Darn it — the wrong clothes. 


May Success always be with you 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Uncle Irving, Aunt Esther 

Risa, Karen, Debbie and Terry 

Mazel Tov 


Mom, Dad, Leon, Gilda, and Jack 

Congratulations to 


Congratulations and Best Wishes to 


Uncle Moishe and Aunt Shoshana 

Senior slump. 

Central Military Academy for 
Girls of Manhattan. 

Mazel Tov & Best Wishes 


The Feinbergs 

Raymond Snitow Associates 

75-20 Metropolitan Avenue 

Middle Village, N.Y. 
Life and General Insurance 

Congratulations to 


Sherman Drug 

Remember MARION'S Dad! 
Metropolitan Insurance 

Mazel Tov & Best Wishes 


Mom, Dad, David, Ephraim & Nachum 


and sister graduates 



azel Tov & Happines 


Love, Mom & Sim 

Congratulations to 


Mr. & Mrs. Klein & Bernie 

Tihie Darkeich Soga B'shoshar 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Putterman & Far 

Mazel Tov & Best Wishes 


Ray & Sam Podzieba 

Best Wishes & Mazel Tov to 


Ema & Abba 

But where? 

He wouldn't do that, would 

Yes he would. 

Congratulations to 


Edys Hosiery & Sportswear 
738 W. 181 St. — N.Y. 

Congratulations to 


Chavey, Shloimie, Ruchel, Mimi, 
Suri, Avrami 

AM B'hatzlacha 


Uncle Joseph, Aunt Florence & family 



Uncle Leo, Aunt Helen, Aunt Edith 
& Jackie 

Best wishes for life & 


Dr. J. R. Simon, optometrist 

Best Wishes to our darling niece 


Uncle Irving & Aunt Clair 


A & Beta Travel Co. 

93 Nassau St.— N.Y. 

Best wishes to 


Mr. & Mrs. Meyer Deutsch 

Leon & Renee Schar 

Congratulations to 


Dr. S. Molowitz 


Mr. & Mrs. H. Walfish & Jack 

Best Wishes to 


S& S Apparel 


Tov & a happy fu 





Dad, Paul, Alan, 



Best Wishes to 


and classmates 


Hurry, two minutes left till the 

I always eat when I'm 

"Rule #303: Eating is prohibited 
in the classroom." 

Keep it moving, girls. 

Congratulations to 


Mr. & Mrs. Barenholtz 


Philip Bergman 

Mazel Fov & Best Wis 

ies to 


Aunt Irma & Uncle F 


Aunt Eva & Uncle H 


Congratulations to 


Love, The Lubins 


mpTi nan"? 



iV D' 

VriKn ni3Dn "73 



■?y pn •>vy\ 








Her Loving Grandparents 

Best Wishes to 


Good Luck to 


Best Wishes on the occassion 
of your graduation 


Aunt Rose & Uncle Charles 


_ongratuiations, you maae n 
A Friend 

Mehadrin Meats & Catering 

43-26 43rd Ave. 
Sunnyside, Queens 

Pruzansky Brothers 

Glatt Kosher Caterers 


Mazel Tov & Best Wishes to 
Daddy, Mommy, Ginny & Ben 

, ' 

Congratulations to A 


In honor of her graduation 

Mazel Tov & Best Wishes to 


Mazel Tov & Best Wishes to my dear 



Esther Kalowitz 

College Entr 

ance Tutoring Service 

1813 E. 26 St. 



aklyn, NY. 11229 

Mazel Tov to our daughter & sister 


Mr. & Mrs. Zachary Greenfield 
Martin, Jeremy & Jay 

Congratulations Graduates! 

Moore Brothers Meat Markets 

1209 Utica Ave. 
Brooklyn. N.Y.T1203 


You finally did it! Outa-site! 
Roz& Phyll's 


No excuses! I come in from 
Queens too. 

Please send up the steam so we 
can stop this foolishness ! 

The shortest way out is the 




Best Wishes to 


Mr. Herman Adler 

Best Wishes to 


Irval Sales Co. Inc. 

Best Wishes to 



Boy, have I got a girl for you. 

Mazel Tov on your Graduation 


Love, Mom & Dad 



This too has passed. 
Robert, ]udy, Arthur, Julia, Ariella Avram 


^uthy, Renee, Yitzchak 

Best Wishes to our loving daughter 


Abraham & Minna Grossman 

Congratulations & Best Wishes 


Mordechai & Goldie Felberman 

With love to 


Abba, Mommy, Tova, Bubbie 


best wishes to you 



, Imri, Anita, Arie 


The Chosen 

The Promise 


Shelley's Bakery — CAROLYN 
Rabbi & Mrs. Leifer — PHILLIS 
Mr. & Mrs. S. Weinberger & family — 

Rabbi & Mrs. H. Levinson & family — 

Dr. Sidney S. Levine — ROCHELLE 
Mrs. P. Gliner — RACHELLE 
Mauzone Home Kosher Foods — BETTY 
Maxie's Market — Z1PPORAH 
Edwin R. Wagner — MARION 
Sam Goldberger-lnc. — LINDA 
Cohn family — ALICE 
Eva Dundon — MIRIAM 
Ada Cohen — BETHSHEVA 
Irving Bader — CVNTH/A 
Ben Mil Fruiters — JUDY 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Rothschild — PAULA 
Main Kosher Butcher — PAMMY 
Ernest Greenberg — LINDA 
Charles Chemists, Inc. — GILA 
"From a Friend" — MARCIA 
Moshe & Adele Feuerworker — DOLIA 
Roy Rasol — FELICE 
Gifts by Marie — VIVIANNE 
Pride Cleaners & Tailors — SHARON 
Ruth Rosenstock — MONA 
167 Street Auto School — FLORENCE 
Mr. & Mrs. C. S. Felder — TZIPI 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Schindelheim — ANNE 
Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Sobel — FRIEDA 
Louis Sohn — RONNI 
Charamis Beauty Salons Inc. — ZIPPORAH 
Fiance — MIRIAM 

Fleischmann-Heymann & Co. — RONNI 
Penrods Lydig Ave. Corp. — ANNE 
Rabbi & Mrs. Neiss — PHILLIS 
Pioneer — HANNAH 
G. & I. European Kosher Bakeries — 


Marvan Contact Lens Service — ESTHER 

Martin, Jeremy & Jay — SARA 

H. Moskowitz D.D.S. — ROCHELLE 

Reena Aboff — JOHANNA 

Tena & Irving, David & Anne — SUSAN 

Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Krai — MARCY 

Nicki & John Christopher — MARION 

Wall St. Camera Exchange — BARBARA 

AuntYenti — PHILLIS 

Cohn & Edelman — FRANCES 

W & W Meats & Poultry — CAROLYN 

Dr. & Mrs. L. Shapiro & Yaffie — SUSAN 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Kaplan — ROCHELLE 

John Biro C.L.U. — MARION 

Rosvil Cleaners— JUDY 

Dr. & Mrs. Howard Ferser & fam. — PAMMY 

Mr. & Mrs. Joel Prizant — LINDA 

Joe Rothenberg — VIVIANNE 

Mr. D. Jacobi — FRIE DA 

Unity Drug Co., Inc. — ZIPPORAH 

Rabbi & Mrs. Furst & fam. — MIRIAM 

Uncle Meyer — PHILLIS 

Harelich, Dresner Koch Co. — FRANCES 

The Levine's Inc. — SUSAN 

Crossroad Drugs — JUDY 

Rabbi Meyer Leifer — PHILLIS 

Rabbi & Mrs. H. Levinson & fam. — SARA 

Mr. P. Gliner — ROCHELLE 

Maxie's Market — ZIPPORAH 

Nicki & John Christopher — MARION 

Fleischmann-Heymann & Co. — RONNI 

Rabbi & Mrs. Neiss — PHILLIS 

G. & I. European Kosher Bakeries — 

Sam Goldberger Inc. — LINDA 
Marvan Contact Lens Service — ESTHER 
H. Moskowitz D.D.S. — ROCHELLE 
Tema & Irving, David & Anne — SUSAN 
Eva Dundon — MIRIAM 
Paul Kaye — /. YNNE 

With regard to my open door 
policy . . . 

Ten minutes of applause is 



Ackerman, Anita, 65-36 99th St., Rego Park, N.Y. 11374 — IL9-1915 
Adler, Carolyn, 64-10 Wetherole St., Forest Hills, N.Y. 11374 — 897-2395 
Adler, Susan, 7 Sands Point Rd., Monsey, N.Y. 10952 — (914)EL6-8011 
Alpert, Faya, 277 West End Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10024 — TR3-9764 
Appel, Rebecca, 2017 Ave. M, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11210 — 338-9519 
Bender, Sandy, 300 Ft. Washington Ave., N.Y., N.Y. — 923-3407 
Berger, Renee, 39-26 47th St., Sunnyside, N.Y. 11104 — RA9-6654 
Besserglick, Rochelle, 385 Grand St., N.Y., N.Y. 10002 — OR4-8746 
Bomstein, Betty, 511 Ave. M, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230 — 252-1685 
Borenstein, Annette, 22-30 Cruger Ave., Bronx, N.Y. — 881-8620 
Braaf, Marion, 3983 Saxon Ave. Bronx, N.Y. 10463 — 796-0935 
Cohen, Bethsheva, 258 Riverside Dr., N.Y., N.Y. 10025 — 663-6384 
Cohn, Alice, 37-79 102nd St., Corona, N.Y. 11368 — 446-2252 
Einleger, Cynthia, 200 Pinehurst Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10033 — SW5-0031 
Eis, Eileen, 383 Grand St., N.Y., N.Y. 10002 — GR7-0532 
Eskolsky, Rebecca, 500 A Grand St., N.Y., N.Y. 10002 — 475-6309 
Felberman, Marsha, 2 Sunnyside Dr., Yonkers, N.Y. 10705 — (914)963- 

Fishman, Rasha, 33-43 14 St., Long Island City, N.Y. 11106 — RA6-8925 
Fried, Rhonda, 1495 Popham Ave., Bronx, N.Y. 10453 — TR2-4026 
Friedland, Judy, 119-14 Union Turnpike, Kew Gardens, N.Y. — B08- 

Friedman, Emily, 441 West End Ave, N.Y., N.Y. 10024 — SU7-3395 
Fuchs, Paula, 12 Hilltop PL, Monsey, N.Y. 10952 — (914)EL2-5576 
Fuhrer, Carol, 144-39 Jewel Ave., Kew Garden Hills, N.Y. — 793-2776 
Furst, Miriam, 31-20 37 St., Astoria, N.Y. — 721-3941 
Geliebter, Anne, 2511 Wilson Ave., Bronx, N.Y. 10469 — TU1-6277 
Geller, Hannah Susan, 461 Ft. Washington Ave., N.Y., N.Y. — WA8-8861 
Gertel, Irene, 23-60 Woodhull Ave., Bronx, N.Y. — TU2-3855 
Getzler, Renee, 12 W. 96th St., N.Y., N.Y. 10025 — AC2-6256 
Ginsberg, Shari, 186 Riverside Dr., N.Y., N.Y. — TR4-0543 
Glicksman, Chana, 203 W. 81st St., N.Y., N.Y. — SC4-5958 
Greenfield, Sara, 9 Sands Point Rd., Monsey, N.Y. 10952 — (914)EL6- 

Grossman, Lynne, 1561 Sheridan Ave., Bronx, N.Y. 10457 — CY9-4072 
Haberkorn, Anna, 579 E. 29th St., Paterson, N.J. 07504— (201)742-7253 
Jakubovits, Linda, 1414 Shakespeare Ave., Bronx, N.Y. 10452 — WY2- 

Kalowitz, Florence, 1055 Walton Ave., Bronx, N.Y. — 588-9272 
Kauftheil, Rosalyn, 220 W. 98th St., N.Y., N.Y. 10025 — 666-2321 
Klein, Marcia, 1567 Selwyn Ave., Bronx, N.Y. 10457 — 583-4047 
Krumbein, Esther, 1 Tower Lane, Monsey, N.Y. 10952 — (914)EL2-0316 
Kuflik, Pammy, 144-19 69 Ave., Kew Garden Hills, N.Y. 11367 — LI4-9343 
Ladenheim, Myra, 900 W. 190 St., N.Y., N.Y. 10040 — 927-2205 

Lander, Hannah, 110-35 69th Rd., Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 — B03-9277 
Last, Suzanne, 180 Riverside Dr., N.Y., N.Y. 10024 — SC4-9716 
Lax, Dolia, 261 E. 188th St., Bronx, N.Y. 10458 — WE3-5990 
Leistner, Eilleen, 789 Waring Ave., Bronx, N.Y. 10467 — OL5-0565 
Levey, Felice, 1166 Pelham Parkway South, Bronx, N.Y. 10461— TA3- 

Mauskopf, Vivian, 144-23 75 Rd., Kew Garden Hills, N.Y. 11367 — B03- 

Meizlik, Marilyn, 108-29 63rd Rd., Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 — IL9-7197 
Mirsky, Zipporah, 258 Riverside Dr., N.Y., N.Y. 10024— RI9-6485 
Morgenstern, Johanna, 142 West End Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10023 — 873-9808 
Neuman, Nina, 99-51 62nd Rd., Rego Park, N.Y. 11374 — 592-0130 
Neumark, Sharon, 153-35 77th Rd., Flushing, N.Y. 11367 — 591-9440 
Noble, Ronnie, 19 Hilltop PL, Monsey, N.Y. 10952 — (914JEL2-3754 
Offenbacher, Eva, 670 West End Ave., N.Y., N.Y. — 874-1463 
Perl, Marcy, 91-07 32nd Ave., Jackson Hgts., N.Y. 11369 — IL7-1642 
Pomerantz, Barbara, 1320 E. 9th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230 — 375-5803 
Ratzersdorfer, Gilla, 650 West End Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10025 — SU7-4796 
Reich, Toby, 410 Central Park West, N.Y., N.Y. — RI9-6602 
Rockoff, Sharon, 590 W. 204th St., N.Y., N.Y. 10034 — LO9-3206 
Rosenstock, Mona, 238 Ft. Washington Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10032 — WA8- 

Rubin, Mindy, 902 Brady Ave., Bronx, N.Y. 10462 — 597-8705 
Rumain, Barbara, 26 Clinton PL, Bronx, N.Y. 10453 — LU4-8813 
Salb, Rachelle, 3 Sydell Lane, Spring Valley, N.Y. 10977 — (914)356-3733 
Scharf, Tzipi, 186 Riverside Dr., N.Y., N.Y. 10024 — EN2-1518 
Schenker, Esther, 475 W. 186 St., N.Y., N.Y. 10033 — 927-1608 
Schindelheim, Annie, 73-37 Austin St., Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 — 544- 

Schindelheim, Phillis, 70-41 153 St., Flushing, N.Y. 11367 — LI4-1040 
Smith, Susan, 504 Grand St., N.Y., N.Y. 10002 — 677-7671 
Sobel, Freida, 96-20 67th Ave., Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 — 263-5036 
Steinlauf, Arlene, 118 W. 79th St., N.Y., N.Y. 10024 — 799-1585 
Stern, Marilyn, 102-29 62nd Dr., Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 — 271-0101 
Strauss, Esther J., 66 Overlook Terrace, N.Y., N.Y. — 568-5286 
Szmulewicz, Esther, 160 W. 87th St., N.Y., N.Y. 10024 — LY5-1956 
Wadler, Malki, 1011 Rose St., Far Rochaway, N.Y. 11691 — 327-1853 
Walfish, Frances, 300 17th Ave., Paterson, N.J. 07504 — (201) 523-2994 
Weiss, Miriam, 208 E. Broadway, N.Y., N.Y. 10002 — OR 4-6735 
Wind, Susan, 1 Highview Rd., Monsey, N.Y. 10952 — (914)356-3608 


77 me it was, 

And what a time it was, 

It was . . . 

A time of innocence, 

A time of confidences. 

Long ago . . . it must be 
I have a photograph. 
Preserve your memories; 
They're all that's left you. 
Paul Simon